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Recommendation for Dulwich psychologist

I just wanted to post a recommendation for Dr. Christine Langhoff, a clinical psychologist based in Dulwich.
I developed postnatal depression after the birth of my son last year and Christine was an invaluable support in helping me to get my life back on track. Her compassion, non-judgemental attitude and genuine kindness helped me through what was an unexpectedly difficult time in my life.
I was referred to the local perinatal mental health team but felt I needed help and support sooner than this could be offered to me on the NHS. I am so grateful that I was able to see Christine privately in addition to the support I ended up getting on the NHS and it was worth every penny.
She has specialist expertise in perinatal mental health and as a mother of two herself, I felt that she understood the various challenges in my life at the time. I was able to take my baby along to all of my appointments which was also really helpful.
In summary, although I had never anticipated needing to see a psychologist for postnatal depression, I cannot recommend Christine highly enough and am so grateful for her help and support. Please PM me if you have any questions! Her contact details are on her website [www.dulwichpsychologist.co.uk] Thanks, Helen

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Just to say I recently interviewed Christine in a professional capacity (writing a book on PND) and would echo everything you've said. I haven't experienced being a patient of her's but I was so impressed by her attitude and knowledge, and also her emphasis on flexibility e.g. skyping clients if they don't feel able to leave the house. Worth noting that if your work provides health insurance you may be able to cover some of the costs of private therapy. Of course, under NICE guidelines all new mothers should be prioritised if they have mental health problems but the reality doesn't always match the guidelines.
Thank you both for your kind words! I am very passionate about the work I do and it is always a pleasure when I am able to make a difference to mothers and their families.

Please note that the address for my practice is changing this weekend and I will now be based on Woodwarde Road. Full details are available on my website www.dulwichpsychologist.co.uk My contact telephone number remains the same: 07816 382810 and my E-mail: dulwichpsychologist@gmail.com

Dr Christine Langhoff
I just wanted to add my recommendation to those above. I saw Dr Langhoff during my pregnancy for anxiety related to the birth and worries I had about bonding with my baby and the role transition from career woman to mum. She is a wonderfully warm, supportive and thoughtful psychologist who helped me in developing better coping skills to deal with my anxiety and other concerns. I have now been a mum for five months and have enjoyed every minute.
I would also like to add my recommendation to those above! I saw Dr Langhoff after I developed post natal depression following the birth of my baby earlier this year. I thought she was great and extremely helpful - she was also happy to have my baby come along to the sessions, which was a great help given how little he was at the time. With Dr Langhoff's support, I am relieved to say that the PND passed and I am now able to fully enjoy my time with my little boy.
Thank you very much for your recommendations. Alongside PND, postnatal as well as antenatal anxiety are very common. I was recently interviewed for the Guardian about anxiety following the birth of a baby. Here is a link to the article:


The article also mentions Fine (Not Fine) a book written by fellow forumite Bridget Hargreave and will be published later this month.

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I have appointments available for assessments from next week and appointments for regular therapy sessions from the beginning of February.

Dulwich Psychologist - Half price initial consultation for individuals and couples

CBT, Counselling, Mindfulness and Systemic Therapy

I am offering half price initial consultations on the following days:

Thursday 11th February at 8am, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm
Saturday 13th February at 11.30 am or 12.30

Information about my practice can be found on www.dulwichpsychologist.co.uk

Contact: dulwichpsychologist@gmail.com or 07816 382810
Hi folks

Just a further recommendation for Dr Langhoff. I have seen her for 6 sessions on two separate occasions (a couple of years apart). She has been hugely important at helping me deal with PND and ongoing depression and most importantly at giving me tools to help me day-to-day. She is very welcoming and easy to deal with and very flexible about dates/times/how often you need to see her.
Her CBT-based approach worked very well for me, being both practical but also exploring underlying problems and feelings. I wholeheartedly recommend her. I'm so glad I made the decision to see her. It was an important investment in my health.
I was recently interviewed for an article on postnatal anxiety which was published in Baby London Magazine.


I am a clinical psychologist in Dulwich based on Woodwarde Road and offer CBT, Psychological Therapy and Counselling.


Dr Christine Langhoff

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