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Updating will

Any solicitors around? I made a will (mirror wills) a couple of years ago. I've just had another child and I want to add their name to the will. However, I can't get hold of the original solicitor I used to draw the wills up. Given it is a very easy change, can I just make a new copy adding the name myself ? Then obviously getting it witnessed again. Or can I make my own codicil? Advice on the web is conflicting, but given a solicitor has drawn it up in the first place it seems a waste to pay somebody for 2 new wills just for a couple of extra words.
we use Hepburns
if your will is not complicated you can get a Will Form from WH Smiths/Stationers and do it yourself and get 2 independent witnesses
Wowcher and Groupon also have will writing with massive discounts from reputable companies that they come to your house also.
we found a man on here called Nick Betteridge who wrote our wills for a very decent rate (much cheaper than standard solicitors, I think because he's a retired Sol, just does a few a month, and doesn't have overheads). Worth searching for him?

Thanks for the recommendation for Nick Betteridge, he was really great helping us clarify what to put in both our wills and I would definitely recommend in the future. Really useful that he will come and see you too.
we used Nick too. very happy.
Hi thanks for the recommendations for Nick Betteridge ( he's my f-I-l)- he does a day of East Dulwich weekend appointments once a month. He has slots available on Nov & Dec. Drop him a line on nick@sussexwills.org.uk for more info. He also does power of attorneys.
We did our wills with Nick after finding his details here and agreed that he would tweak our wills after marriage. I've not been able to reach him despite messaging here too.
Hi I've PM'ED you Nicks mobile and landline - he's expecting your call. Apologies for the delay - I've been hectic at work. Katie
We used Nick to write our wills, very happy with the advice he gave us. We did it all over Skype and email, which worked very well.
We'd be very happy to recommend him.
Hi all thanks for the recommendations for Nick he has East Dulwich Sunday slots available in May, Junad and July. Nick@sussexwills.org.uk to book
If 'making a will' is still on your to-do list my f-I-l offers at home weekend appointments to draw up wills and power of attorneys. He's on nick@sussexwills.org.uk for an appointment or Skype call.

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