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Summer babies 2017 (due June/July/August)

If you're expecting a baby in the summer, this is the thread for you.

Use it as you wish, but please, no advertising.

Many congratulations to you all.

FRM (retired, must arrange for someone else to set these threads up!)
Would love to meet other soon-to-be-mums.

I am due with my first baby on June 15th.

I've just had my 12 week scan and am due baby number two on July 11th!

It would be great to meet other mums soon and set up a WhatsApp chat group.

Ele x
Hey Ele,

Congratulations! It's a huge relief to get the first scan done isn't it? How old is your first?

Nic x

I am due with my second on June 20th. I have a little girl who is two in Feb.

I am happy to set up whatsapp group if that is helpful. PM me your numbers.

Hope everyone is feeling well!


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Hi All

I'd be keen to join this group, due my first on 21st June! Kate - will PM my number to you.


Hi. I'm also keep to join this group. I'm due with my first on 9th June.

Hi, I'd love to join the group. I'm due with my second on 2 July. I'll PM my number x
Hello summer babies ladies! I am due with my second in June xx
PS: I'm in the winter babies club with my eldest and we have had SUCH fun! These clubs are a brilliant supplement to NCT etc. Let's make summer 2017 the best ever xx
Hi. We're due our second baby on 1st June. My eldest will be 18 months when no 2 arrives! I'm part of Autumn Babies 2015 and made some great friends. Looking forward to meeting Summer Mums this time around! Sarah x
I'm happy to set up a Facebook group for East Dulwich Summer Babies and we can use that to arrange meet ups pre baby and post baby arrival! Let me know! X
That would be a lovely idea! Thanks v much. Do you want to post a link to the page when you have done it? X
All done. It's called East Dulwich Summer Babies 2017! If you request to join I will add you. X
Hello! I'm due with my first on 11th July. Very keen to meet some summer mums. I will send my number to Kate and join the fb group.

Looking forward to meeting you all!
Hi all. Also due with my first on 4th July. I've just joined the fb group so hope to chat soon x
Hi All

Here's the link for the Facebook page.


S x
Hi All,
I'm not ready to announce my pregnancy to facebook just yet, when others have joined the Facebook group does a notification appear in the newsfeed?
Hi. I haven't joined the Facebook group as I'm not ready to announce my pregnancy there yet, but I'm on the WhatsApp group. I heard there that a meet up is being organised. I'm interested in coming along. Is it possible to post the details here or in the WhatsApp group?
Hi, I'm due 18th June. Would be great to join the whatsapp group x

I'm pretty certain it doesn't show up on your feed. We haven't announced our pregnancy yet either and it hasn't shown up. It's a private group so I think that's why it doesn't show up.

Meet up is 16th Feb at the Lordship. Let us know if you're in and we can ensure the table is big enough!

S xx
Count me in for the meet up! I'm going to wait on Facebook for now as I'm worried it will show I joined the group. There's a few of us in this situation so is it possible to send the meet up details to the WhatsApp group too?

I'm due with my first in late July and would love to meet others and join any meet ups/ whatsapp groups / Facebook groups.

Unfortunately I can't make Feb 16th but hope to join the next one.

Kate - I PMed you my number.

Charlotte x
Hi all I am due in August and would like to meet you all. Not ready to join fb group yet though.
Would like to attend the meet up in Feb, will pm my number so I can get added to the WhatsApp group.
BUGGY NOW SOLD - Hello lovely ladies my second is due this spring so we've taken the decision to buy a double buggy. This means we are selling our Uppababy Cruz travel system. The bundle includes:
- Cruz buggy frame
- Bassinet (including storage case, case also fits seat in when not using it)
- Seat including fully removable safety bar
- Rain covers for both bassinet and seat
- Insect nets for both bassinet and seat
- Maxi Cosi car seat adaptors
- Original owner manuals

Looking for £280, pm me if you're interested or want any pics I was struggling to upload them on here

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I'm due 13th of augest & requested to join the Facebook group x
Hello all

Another July baby here! Due on 3rd of July and live in Forest Hill - nice to meet you all. Would love to be added to the whatsapp group - will PM Kate my number.

Polly x
Hi all, I've just requested to join the FB group also. I'm in Nunhead and 1st baby due on the 1st July.

Hello! Due my second on the 30th of July. I grew up in the area but had my first in deepest darkest Hackney so feel a bit lost doing it again down here!

I've requested to join the FB group and will PM my number - looking forward to chatting
Hi! Due with our first 24 July and new to the area. Joined the Facebook group and looking forward to meeting some EDF mums to be.


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