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'Renters Row' around Charter school

Hi all, it might be folklore or hearsay but I'm sure I've heard that there's a particular street around the catchment of Charter school (north Dulwich) where people traditionally rent for a period in order to get their child into The Charter School. So they keep their home elsewhere, get their child a place, then move back to their original home. If this is true, anyone know which street this could be? Many thanks
It's not folklore or hearsay - I know several people who have successfully done this! None of them went to one particular street though.
I also know two people who have done this. Not to any particular road though.
Red Post hill always has of flats/houses for rent...BTL paradise for this reason (Charter) I suspect
I heard that the school is supposedly in the process of tightening up their procedures to at least attempt stopping this from happening as it's very unfair on those who stay put and then don't get a place because of people who can afford the expense of temporarily renting to play the system!
Thanks for enlightening this to us in the area emc but it's it's been happening a few years now.
I have heard of popular schools asking for at least 2 years council tax bills and utility bills to establish genuine residency.
I know it's been happening for years - have heard about it since I moved to the area! It was a work related question. All done and dusted now. Thanks all
Could you let us know the name of the street, emc?

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Hello, it seems, like everyone said, that there is no specific road. Perhaps an actual road was a bit of an urban myth
On reading this thread, I contacted Charter. They are an Academy, so operated their own admissions. Hopefully they will be asking for proof of address from offer holders this year

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Hi Renata,
I'm not sure asking for proof of address will make much difference - if they've rented out their house and are renting close to Charter I imagine they have council tax/utility bills/child benefit for the place they're renting. The only thing Charter could do is look at the electoral roll - most people stay for such a short time in the place they're renting that they don't bother to register their 'new' address.
Renata - it is much more complicated than that! Often people let their existing house outside of the catchment and rent another house much closer to the school for a year or two, get their first child in on distance and then all the rest can follow on the sibling rule. Meanwhile, the family move back to their first house which they've continued to own all along. It happens a lot in this wealthy enclave and the school should do more to get on top of it. Other schools do much better (for instance, not having the automatic sibling priority).
Many other councils seem to be way harsher than Southwark on this. If you still own a property that you lived in at some point in time, many councils assume that's your main residence, so you cannot just rent for a year or so then move back to the family home. Merton and Wandsworth come to mind; their schools seem to be more oversubscribed than ours, but maybe it's time for Southwark to catch up?
Unfortunately Charter's admissions process is handled by Charter, not Southwark, so it's not a council issue.
You're right - I was imprecise. I do note, however, that Southwark seems less harsh than Merton and Wandsorth even for those admission policies it controls directly, e.g. most state primaries.
Let's hope The Charter get on top of their admissions policy soon then!

Where does 'urban myth' come into things?
I used to live on Ardbeg Road - a flat which we owned a few years back.. i know for a fact there are parents who moved in for the "schools", DVIS as well, and then moved out once the admissions had been approved..

not sure how you resolve it..

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