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Buds pre school at goose green church

Hi! Does anyone currently have a child at Buds preschool? We visited it today and were really impressed with the friendly set up. Would love to chat with a parent who has a child there at the moment.


We love buds! My daughter went there and my son is there at the moment. All of the staff work so hard and look after the children so well! Would definitely recommend!
Our eldest went there a couple of days a week prior to starting school and we liked it, our youngest (3) is starting here in April post their half term break 2-3 mornings a week. The ladies who work there are really lovely, best way for communication with them is face to face I find as it's very noisy if you phone them and they don't have a separate office xx
Yes. Our 2 year old goes there two mornings a week and is happy there. The staff are friendly and caring and my daughter comes home singing lots of lovely songs.
Happy to answer any questions that you might have....
If you wouldn't mind saying, what do you pay for a 2 year old for 2 mornings? Thank you
We love Buds. My son went from age 3 till he went to school, and my daughter goes there now (she's just about to turn 4). Both kids absolutely loved it and really bonded with all the teachers. Very friendly, playful atmosphere!
my daughter went to Buds and loved it
For one morning session (9-1) it's about £35.

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