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Goose Green nursery school - any feedback to share?


I'm considering moving my daughter from the Villa nursery to Goose Green nursery school for her pre-school year. I'd love any feedback on the Goose Green nursery school for anyone that has been there, or currently has kids there.


My son was there last year (he's not now at Goose Green as he was always going to a different school where his older sibling goes, and which doesn't have a nursery) - and we were really really impressed. The staff are just brilliant. They offer the 2.5 day set up now which most school nurseries do, and there is the option to top up a bit I believe. He was really happy going there and I think it definitely helped with transition into reception this year. We also got the best report card (not in terms of him being a model student, I mean it was just so individual and tailored, the teacher had taken lots of care with it) that I've ever had in four years of school reports.
My daughter is at the nursery at the moment and absolutely loves it. I was quite nervous about sending her - she is a late summer born and quite shy (and my first child, so I was probably just a bit anxious!), but she has really come out of her shell and raves about it. It is busy and a bit hectic at times, but the teachers seem brilliant, very caring and always happy to chat, and they do loads with them. They were on a trip to the local wildlife centre today. I think it is great preparation for 'big school' though admittedly I have nothing to compare it to. I have a very experienced nanny who does most of the drop offs/pick ups, and who has seen lots of local schools/ nurseries over the years, and she always says it seems a happy place.

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Thanks for the feedback - that is very helpful. I think it sounds like a great place - am heading there tomorrow to register my daughter so hope that she manages to get a place!
Hi - my eldest went to the villa and my youngest goes to goose green nursery (where her sister is now in yr one). I can't rave enough about the nursery and the school. The staff are lovely, every day she asks to go to school (even on none nursery days). There is obv masses of play activities going on and fun challenges set for them but at the same time her counting etc is improving on a weekly basis. I am v v pleased with our decision to send her there. Hope this helps your decision

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