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Secondary schools available to denmark hill residents? Especially Charter 2!


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Sorry, no you can't use your parents address as your home address. You must know that, surely?
I assume that Lyndhurst school has your Caldecot Road address with possible emergency contact being your parents?

As far as I recall, Caldecot Road is SE5 and comes under Lambeth. You may actually be nearer Charter 1 as they originally went as far as Denmark Hill one year - not sure if this is still the case.

Popular schools will ask for proof of address i.e. utility bill, tenancy agreement and some have asked for 2 years worth of proof as many parents are using a different address just to get into school of choice.
It makes no difference to your school choices or applications if you are in Lambeth - your CAF (application form) will go to Lambeth, but they distribute your applications to all the schools, wherever they may be, and then collate the answers.

You can apply to schools in which ever borough you like, and they are not allowed to prioritise borough residents. The only criteria they can use is their published admissions criteria. So if Charter is your top choice, put it down. And any other Southwark schools, like Kingsdale, Harris etc. Several faith schools in the Camberwell area - but you will need to check the faith criteria.
Using an address other than the one you live at is lying basically.

Top marks for seeking permission from other parents who live in the area. Does being a 'young parent' excuse you from normal responsibilities? Possibly, if you're 14 or 15.
I think that's a bit harsh at least she asked advice! When we were applying to secondary schools in the area a few years ago people were blatantly renting near to charter one and then moving back to out of catchment homes after getting a place - (though how they can afford & be bothered with all that upheaval I fail to understand..) I expect they didn't ask advice on the forum but they got away with it!

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Hi Eve, it depends where your child lives, so unless he lives ie sleeps at your parents' home and is registered there for child benefit purposes his home is in your rented accommodation. That your parents provide childminding for you doesn't count for school applications. Keane, following on from the thread on this forum with regards to Charter, I have contacted the school about this.

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