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Advice no longer needed - Community midwives advice please

advice no longer needed thank you.

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Lanes is now Juniper, and are based at midwives house. call them as soon as you can, if you are not in catchment for them they should be able to tell you if you are in catchment for one of the other teams.
they are amazing, so if you can't get in then ask to go on their waitlist - people do move etc so places do come up.
Do you mean you are hoping to have a home birth? If so, I had a home birth and a great experience of community midwives. I was with the Birchtree team, and they were fab.

I think I am right in saying that one of the advantages is that community midwives are caseloading, so you see the same person (or one of a very small team) for each antenatal appointment. So you at least have some idea of who is actually going to deliver the baby. And then in later pregnancy they come to your home for your antenatal appointments so you don't have to go anywhere.

I think they also occasionally do open evenings or sessions where you go and listen and ask questions of people that have had home births before.

I found them great, especially after the birth, I felt supported and that I could get in touch with them pretty easily whenever I felt the need. I couldn't fault them to be honest.
If its homebirth you are keen for then Birchtree are your first port of call. They have the highest % of home births in the area and have the best continuity of care. I'm in the same area as you and just had my third and I was with the the Birchtree. Their landline is 020 3409 0704 ext 2. Leave a message on there and they usually call back within 24 hours. They were incredible with me. Amazing women who truly put the preggo woman first.

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