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Parent local to Queens Road station where do your kids go to school?

We moved to the area a few years ago because we fell in love with our house and the convenience of the location, not much thought went into school options We now have a little boy who is nearly two and I'm increasingly worried about our school options as we seem to be just outside the catchment area for most of the well regarded local schools. I don't know anyone in the area with primary school aged kids so thought I'd ask the forum if you're local to the Peckham side of Queens Road where do your children go to school? Are you happy with it?
My children go to Edmund Waller. It is a fantastic school.
Hi Clux, that's really cheered me up as Edmund Waller looks great, I thought that we'd be outside of catchment area- we're on Montpelier Road.
Hi Jellybeanse,
I think from Montpellier you would be looking at John Donne School as your nearest. Other ones that may be possible are Hollydale, Kender and Edmund Waller (maybe).
Possibly you would be near enough to get a place at Ivydale Rd as well now it expands to a four form entry. It is rather possible. My friend is on the bottom end of Gordon Rd (near the station you mention) and she got a place at Ivydale with the three form entry yhis year.
Thank you. It's good to know that there are options as we really like the area and sense of community.
Bear in mind that there's a lot to be said for going to a nearby school if its OK - getting to know others walking/local school community etc. Depending on where you are Ivydale might be a bit of a trek! Most of the ones near Queens Road are pretty decent these days aren't they?

Totally agree with HP,it's great having really local friends.My daughter goes to Edmund Waller and we're very happy with it.We are close to Queens Road station.

I would suggest trying to go to as many of the open evenings they have and to the fetes/Xmas fairs to help get a feel for the different schools.
Thanks for the tips. You're right that local friendship groups are important - I lived miles away from where I went to school and definitely missed out, especially in contrast to my other half who has stayed fairly local throughout. I'll keep an eye out for the summer fairs.

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