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Secondary School Places - South LL


I was wondering where kids got offered places who live on the south side of Lordship Lane, nr the top end of Upland Rd?
Is this too far for Charter 2? Did girls get into Sydenham School? Harris Girls?
If not, how far down the waiting list are you?
My DD is a year off, but obs need to know if we are in black hole.

Many thanks
I also have a child in Y5 so was curious about intake for this year. Spoke to someone at Charter East Dulwich who said that the furthest distance allocated this year was 1.4km if that helps (from Jarvis Rd entrance). Sydenham Girls was 2,2km this year, it was 2.7km last year.
Do we know if distances are calculated in a straight line? Thank you.
1.4km doesn't sound right to me, knowing the positions of people that have & haven't been offered a place, it's more like 1km.

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