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Goose Green Primary: max distance admission for past years?

I understand that Goose Green Primary is now an academy, and that therefore its admission statistics are no longer published in the Southwark booklet on primary schools.

Is data on number of applications, number of sibling admissions, and maximum distance under the distance criterion available, by year?

Can I ask the school? can the school refuse to share this data? Or is it already available somewhere?

For example, Wandsorth Council publishes these statistics even for academies and other schools which are not under the direct control of the council: [www.wandsworth.gov.uk]
I'd like to understand if something similar for Southwark exists.
The PDF here: [www.2.southwark.gov.uk] is less detailed and does not include figures for academies, like Goose Green Primary.

For academies its usually easiest to ask the school. Bear in mind that the opening of the Belham and the Harris Lordship Lane is likely to affect distance criteria too .

You could also try this, but not sure exactly how accurate its data is - it claims to remove siblings and those allocated on other priorities other than distance from the maps.

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