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Is ED a fun place for a family with a baby?


Just looking for some advice really, my husband and I lived in ED before we had our baby but moved away for his work. We are now considering a possible move back with our one year old. When we lived in the area before I found it quite hard to meet people, but I'm guessing it would be different now we have a little one and also the area has changed a bit with the cinema, the brick house bakery and M&S opening up...it was about 3 years ago that we left.

I just wondered if any Mums living locally could fill me in on what it's like with a one year old or young children. For example do you know lots of nice Mums in the area? Are there playgroups/activities? Where I live now I have a what's app group with quite a few friendly Mums and have a few decent shops within walking distance so just trying to figure out if a move back is a good plan for our family or not. Any advice very much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance! xxx
You need to think way ahead to schools, not just playgroups, because catchments are typically small.

I'm not sure from your post, why you need/want to move? Are you moving back into London, or within London?

ED and surround are lovely but also expensive. Many houses don't have large gardens, and the ones that do are very pricey. Otherwise if money is no option, then maybe you'll easily find somewhere nice.

There are many local parks, baby groups, and family friendly events. xx
Heaps of lovely parents in the area; endless kids' activities. Have a look at the SE22 magazine online for a taste of what's on offer. Having a child will automatically plug you into a ready-made social whirl (if that's what you want!) - babies, like dogs, seem to be an automatic passport to meeting other people.

Saffron's right, though - if you're moving back, think about primary and secondary schools now as it's amazing how quickly it all comes round.

I moved here one week before my second baby was born, not knowing any other locals, and now nearly a decade later I feel so settled here socially it would be a very hard wrench to move away. Love the fact that everything I need is within walking distance.

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