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Trinity 10 Plus Admission

Just wondering if there are any parents whose boys are starting this Sep?
Hi again,
Does anyone have any experience of the year 6 at Trinity?
I gather that they are called 'Jbugs'-and that they go on a bonding trip- is this correct?
Hi Dodo1,

My son is at Trinity, y2, (Y8) but he started in the first year, so I haven't had any experience with the jbugs, but felt bad that you hadn't had a response! I do know they do go on a bonding trip in September for 3 days, and also that a friend of mine has a son in the jbugs this year and he's really happy and so are the parents.

When my son started, the settling in process was great and not at all stressful for my rather worried son!

Not sure if that helps at all.

Thanks for the reply!

Thought it a bit strange that there aren't any boys who have attended Trinity- so your comments have been very helpful.

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