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Autumn Babies 2017 (due Sep/Oct/Nov)

Hi all,
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I would very much like to join the Autumn babies group please. I'm due Oct 14th with my first.


This is great; I would like to join too - I'm due October 19th with my first.

Emily x
Hi, I'd like to join too! It'd be great to get in touch with people in the local area having babies at the same time. I live in West Dulwich and I'm due in October with my second. I'd also welcome any advice on how to prepare for baby number 2 (my daughter will be about 20 months when baby comes) - can anyone recommend any good books?!
Jayne x
Me too! Due with my second on 14th October (snap on the due dates JRK!).

Jaymey, no good book recommendations I'm afraid, although I saw a second baby class advertised on the East Dulwich Mums facebook page which might be worth looking into if you're after some helpful tips xx
I will look out for it - thank you!
I'd be keen to join the Autumn babies 2017 group too please - we are due with our first on 26th oct and live just off goose green..

I joined the previous Autumn babies thread but think that has now disappeared. I'm due with my third (help!) on October 8th. Looking forward to meeting you all. I loved these groups with my other two.

I'd love to join too. I'm due on the 11th October with my second. I'm based in nunhead.
Is anyone good at Facebook? Might be useful to set up a (secret) Facebook group as I certainly find it easier to see messages on there rather than checking the ED forum...?
Hi all, I would love to join the group too. I am due with my first on 7th October.
Great to see there are quite a few of us expecting babies in the autumn!
Looking forward to meeting you all!
Anyone due in September? I'm thinking I might potentially sneak into this group, as my next child is due on the 27th of August (and my 3 year old was 6 days late) :-)

I'm hoping for a 1st September arrival date, but I know that in reality, babies come when they feel like it :-D
Hi everyone

Yes, I wrote on the deleted thread too. I have a nearly 3 year old and am due with second on 25th September, looking forward to meeting you all

Hiya. I'm due on 21st September with my fourth one. Will be lovely to meet you all big grin

Hi Everyone,

I would like join this group too! I'm due on 1st September with my first. Looking forward to meeting you all.


I'm due end of October with my second and keen to meet up with others in the area. My son will be 5 once this one comes along so I feel like I'm a new mum again to be honest - forgotten pretty much everything about the early months....

Looking forward to saying hello

I'd love to join this group too, my second is due October 26th and we live in Honour Oak. Would love to meet people due around the same time!
Hi all, I am part of the Autumn Babies club 2016 and loved it so thoroughly recommend!
We have also recently set up a blog and Twitter account to share all of our crazy stories and advice if you live in the Peckham Dulwich area. Good pubs with changing facilities, good events etc.
@peckhamparent on Twitter

I hope it helps you and feel free to ask for any advice!
Hi all, just found out we're due our second on 31st October so hope to join this group! I live in Forest Hill behind the Horniman.

Ellie - my daughter will be 5 years by then so in the same boat.

I'd love to join this group too, I'm expecting my second 3rd October, my daughter will be 2.5 by then, we live in Peckham Rye. Look forward to meeting you all.

Hi everyone

I was thinking that it would be nice to arrange our first get together. I think most of us will now be 12 weeks +. What do people think? A week day evening would be best for me. Thoughts?

Jessica xx
I'd be up for that. I can do weekday eves, although they are harder with babysitting issues etc. Definitely cannot do Wednesdays as other half doesn't get home until much after 10. My preference would be weekend afternoon, but obviously will fit in with what the majority can do.

(Glad there's someone else in the larger than average age gap, Alison! We told ours last weekend. He's 'processing' - i.e. didn't really have a reaction apart from saying he wanted a brother, has since not mentioned it.)

Anyone else enormous already? Only c. 16 weeks but looking more like I did at 20+ with the first one. People are asking the twins question, even those who know I've had two scans: no, seriously, I don't think a high ranking research centre like the FMC at Kings would actually miss one at 12 weeks. C'mon.....
Would be nice to meet up, I can do weekdays anytime till 3, after that I have a lovely team of 3 with me smiling smiley. I am happy to meet during weekends but as my hubby works most of the time will be with my lovely team of 3 too big grin

I'd be up for an evening in the week or weekend afternoon. Be lovely to meet you all.
Lovely idea - an evening in the week or weekend afternoon works well for me too. xx
OMG Ellie Yes! I'm with you, I look 6 months already, my friend kindly told me its because our muscles aren't what they used to be to hold everything in!! Everything is happening a lot earlier this time round... feeling movements which is great but then also the back ache/sciatica which is not great!

I'd hope to be able to meet up an evening in the week, but hubby does shift work so will depend. A weekend afternoon also sounds good but would need to bring my 2 year old if hubby working.

Hi yes, I would be up for a meet up too! Weekday evening would be fab as I find it easier to talk when not having to keep my one year old under control!

I'd like to join if ok, I'm due with our first 31st October also! As no little ones flexible with meet upssmiling smiley
Hi everyone, lovely idea. I work full time so evenings or weekends best for me.

Is someone any good at Facebook? I think creating a FB group works pretty well for these things but I'm not particularly social media proficient!

I'm not on Facebook....(just me?)

Could do a WhatsApp group.....?

Or if people could just regularly update the Edf page?

At the moment looks like week nights seem to be easiest for everyone. We could do something like a doodle poll (this is where I duck under table in the knowledge that there's probably something way more trendy than a doodle poll).

What can I say? I'm old.

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