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Bump and baby club

Hi there,

I was just wondering if anyone has done The Bump and Baby club in East Dulwich before or is going to? I know there are a few and I am confused about what to do, The Group, NCT or Bump and baby club. It would be great to hear any experiences.

Thanks so much,
I'm exploring options and I'm confused too... It would be great to hear people's experiences at The Group and the Bump and Baby Club.

Thank you!!!!
Hello? Did any of you made it to the bump and baby club ?! Would you recommend it? Thank you
Hi sbilli, we both signed up in the end and our classes start in a few weeks so can let you know! We've been to their pregnancy yoga social though which was great, so I'd say go for it if you are still deciding. A friend of mine recommended the group to me and she said her classes were great.
Hi. I'm doing the Bump & Baby class in ED at the moment (halfway through) and so far our experience is really good! Very nice instructor and group. My friend did the same one in North London and also highly recommended it.
As it is my second baby I haven't done a full course as such but I did attend a birthing workshop led by a couple of local yoga teachers who are also doulas that I found really helpful regarding positions for labour and breathing etc... [www.michelemyoga.com]

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