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Looking for clubs for 10year old daughter


I am looking for some clubs for my 10 year old daughter in and around Dulwich. Not sure what exactly, maybe something active or creative. She enjoys playing the guitar and recently went to a school holiday club where they did lots of running around type of games which she really enjoyed. I am just wondering if there is anything similar which is on after school or Saturdays?

I have also enquired about Brownies. Any suggestions welcome smiling smiley
There's a fun drama club on Saturday mornings at Goose Green School (http://www.eastdulwichacademy.org/drama/).

If your daughter is 10 she's actually old enough for Guides, which don't tend to have as big waiting lists. I think you have to go through the centralised Girl Guides registration process if you want to join a local group and they will tell you where there are places (I'm not 100% sure about this as my daughter started at Brownies so it was a more straightforward process to 'graduate' up, but I'm sure someone will put me right if that's incorrect!).
Badgers/Cadets ( St John's Ambulance) at Tell Grove Church Hall on East Dulwich Road is good. They do creative things as well life saving skills and holiday camp.
As a Cadet, you’ll take part in a full and interactive programme, working towards your Grand Prior Award and volunteering at events.

You can:

• learn first aid skills
• volunteer within your community by providing first aid cover at public events, such as football matches and music festivals
• learn leadership and public speaking skills by teaching first aid to other young people
• spend time on weekend residential camps packed with activities, and have the opportunity to compete in international first aid competitions.

Telephone:020 7258 3456

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There are drama classes that are organized by Margaret which are really lovely. (she with her team runs Juke Box drama) They are starting new classes at Rye Oak school on Saturdays

Here are some of the details:

9 AM Nova dance Kids - age 5 – 8

10 AM Juke Box Drama kids - age 5 – 8
Each class lasts an hour and the cost is £5.

I understand they are starting this Saturday and you could go along to one of those to see if suitable.
We use to attend wood craft folk in Dulwich village and more recently my 11 year old has started scouts and younger two cubs.

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