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Primary admissions are online

The primary school admissions offers are up on the eadmissions site if you log in. Mine was anyway
Good luck everyone!
A total of 3,165 on time primary applications for the September 2017 intake have been received. This is a further increase in numbers and contrary to the forecasts shared at the Dulwich Community Council.

A total of 2,796 (88.3%) families received an offer at their first preference school – this is an increase of 3.2% compared to last year and locally in Dulwich made possible by the new primary schools local parents supported - Belham, Harris East Dulwich Primary recently and the Judith Kerr several years previously.

3,108 (98.2%) Southwark families have received one of the 6 preferences they listed.

Sadly 57 families did not receive a school out of the 6 schools they listed and have been allocated an alternative school place at the nearest school to each family’s home with capacity. If you're one of those families and need help do get in touch.

Attached is a Primary Q&A and details for help/advice if you need it.

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Thanks James.
Does anyone know the quickest/ easiest way to find out where we are on a school waiting list?
We got our second choice, which we are happy with. I'd be interested to know where we are on waiting list for school no.1 though, to understand if anything is likely to shift over next few months?
The Southwark guidance says we can ask but doesn't give a contact number or email.
Quickest way would be to contact the school directly, but you might want to wait until they get the info through from Southwark - ie would wait until next week or so.
Thanks, will do.
Wooly - there should be a number for Southwark you can ring and they will tell you where you are on any waiting lists.
We were on the list for our no.1 choice school 3 years ago, we started at 29th on the list and we were offered a place at our first choice two weeks before the september term started. There is movement on the lists so its worth holding out if you are keen. I was also told at the time that although not ideal, if we had not had secured a place before term started there is a bit more movement by end of september when families just dont take up spaces they had been allocated but dont inform the borough they won't be needing it.

good luck.
Hi Wooly, I would suggest you contact Schools Admissions via email. Schools.Admissions@southwark.gov.uk

As Louloubelle says, there is movement on waiting lists until Xmas of entry year.

Southwark worked in partnership with Dulwich Hamlet Junior on the delivery of Belham School. The data on school allocations is the best ever (see the attached table). Numbers of school places and hence potential choice is at it's highest since records began in 2009. This year, Ivydale Primary, with the new buildings on the former Bredinghurst School site, has expanded to 4 forms of entry for September 2017. I am looking forward to looking around the new buildings when they are completed.

I am happy to help anyone with problems with their primary school allocation. Please email me.

Cllr Renata Hamvas
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