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Ballet classes for a 3 year old Saturday or Sunday

Does anyone can suggest where can I find some ballet classes for my 3 year old locally?

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My daughter goes to the south London school of ballet on a Saturday at Harris Girls and absolutely loves it. Highly recommended.
My daughter goes to Eos Dance on Bellenden Road, but they have other locations too.

Theatre Peckham also does ballet (and tap) classes.
I know about the Peckham Theatre, but they are fully booked sadly.

I am looking something like pop in classes not a regular thing at the momet.

Any suggestions more than welcome.
hi, you can find all of Eos's dance classes plotted on a map here: [www.happity.co.uk]

And all classes for a 3 year old in the East Dulwich area on a Saturday here:

(You can also set your own location to see what's closest to your home, and filter for drop ins - unfortunately no drop in ballet, though you can see on the site that there are a few Mini Drama classes around that might be fun for your child).

I built this website myself and it's rather new, so I would really (REALLY!) appreciate feedback on it and how to make it better!

Thanks. smiling smiley

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Seconding the recommendation for South London School of Ballet. It's excellent and DD(4) loves it.
After absolutely loving the trial lesson, my girls have just started at The South London School of Ballet and are really happy there. I find it nicer to do a regular thing as long as it's close to home and at a convenient time and as long as you don't end up having too many regular things/classes (which is what happened to us at one point).
We also recommend South London School of ballet. They did have a waiting list for your daughters age group but have just started extra classes at Newlands Academy on Saturday mornings so there should be availability

Megan is fab and the new teacher Anna also seems lovely


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