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Passport Photos

Is there a place around ED where I can take the passport photos of the 2 months old baby today?
Thank you.
Not quite ED but Rumsey Pharmacy in Dulwich village do baby passport photos
We did our baby's via Paspic when she was 3 months. You take a photo of them on a white sheet/background and then upload to the website. They check the photo will qualify and then print and post them to you. It was very quick and easy!
I had my son's picture taken at the post office on Forest Hill Road :-)
We went to snappy snaps in Camberwell for passport pics - not of a baby but of the kids. They were great and they check them. So much easier than our efforts to do them ourselves. The bus stop to get there drops you off opposite and then the bus coming back is right outside.
Used passpic twice as recommended above. Easy to do and don't have to leave home!
Some kids get upset having it done in shops, my mates did so they had to give up. Good luck!
Snappy snaps on Rye Lane were really good with my son when he was that little.
I think we went to the pharmacy at the roundabout between Goose green and Lordship Lane
We ended up using the pharmacy next to Just Williams as it's most local to us. Thank you for all advice.

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