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Help with yr 6 SATS spelling......!!

Does anyone know of an app that could help my son learn his spellings? the 100 or so top words that they need to learn for year 6 SATs. I've tried flashcards and cover up lists, but the same nuclear war ensues.... There's a confusing array of aps, and I really want it targeted to his level. Anyone else tearing their hair out?
if you google Y6 SATS spellings, there are lots of websites.

Perhaps there's a tension around the whole 'learning spellings' thing so you should address that. Is there too much pressure? What's causing the nuclear war? Does he feel inadequate?

Make the list of words - tick off the ones he already knows.

Set up a routine. Do ten words before school. Put them in sentences - use them in your conversations.
It's painful - but learning is something you have to apply yourself to.
Thanks - Yes there is much too much pressure - that's SATs for you. On Monday I tested some of my friends on a few 11 year old SATs questions. Barrister, accountant, banker and IT manager - none of us had a clue!! How is that possibly an appropriate level for an 11 year old! I don't want to pressure him, if he was genuinely hopeless I wouldn't - its just the "cant be bothered" attitude that frustrates! I know there are lots of websites, the first thing I did was google them, but many are not appropriate, and I would love to hear from someone who has actually had success with an app or something!
Is there a specific issue with spelling rather than other types of homework? If so, have you thought that there might be an underlying reason. I always got very stressed about spelling as a child and was awful at it, despite being otherwise happy with school and homework. I was eventually diagnosed as being dyslexic (there were other issues too beyond just spelling), but with an unusual presentation. I'm still a lousy speller, but at least now I can use a spell-checker!
my daughter could only spell phonetically - which is how they teach children (phonetic alphabet).

We didn't do very well in SATS for spelling, but we did what we could.The main thing was to keep her confidence and not destroy her in the process.

We played hangman, sang the letters, made up games and tried all different ways to get the words in. We did short tests and put the effort in. So, we did well in the class tests.

Unless your preparing for a school application, I wouldn't worry - SATS do not make a difference when you get to secondary school.

Make lists of words your son can do well at, build some confidence and don't put so much pressure on.

Now my daughter's reading more, she's writing better.... I think she just wasn't ready at that age.

I'm sure by the time he's older, he'll be fine. For now - try and keep it stress free and confidence up. IN my opinion that's more important.
Hi all,

Hope this is ok to post. We live in East Dulwich so its not an advert exactly!

My partner and i had the same problem, our youngest son definitely learnt best chunking words and hated spelling practice so we made this game.

Robo spelling

It uses the New National curriculum spelling lists. Its far from perfect but spelling is very tricky and we had a good try. Here are some free codes:




and a youtube showing you how to use them.

Feedback welcome by PM.
Thanks very much for all the helpful suggestions (and support). I do try not to put pressure on - but actually my sons problem is largely attitudinal! Thanks for the link mbe, i will give it a try!
You could also make up some mnemonics together - eg Laugh And U Get Happy
Ask his class teacher for a list / websites / what their current strategy is. I'm sure they will be delighted you are keen to help with prep. The spellings are tough sad smiley

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