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How to get baby to take the bottle?

Can anyone share some tips or tricks for getting a baby to take a bottle? I have a stubborn 3month old bottle refuser. Tried different bottle types, expressing/formula, different people offering the bottle and we are getting nowhere!

I love breastfeeding but I've got tickets to the Chelsea Flower show (never been before, always wanted to go) and I've got to crack the bottle by then as babies aren't allowed...

Thanks in advance!

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A few thoughts below that I lifted from a previous post of mine on the same issue. Good luck!

Are you warming the milk in the bottle up? (This was unnecessaary for my eldest but my youngest wouldn't touch milk that wasn't warmed up until he was nearly two). Another thing to try if you haven't already is to go out when your partner tries to feed your baby with a bottle - they're clever little things who can sense when the real thing is around, even if you're in a different room!
Hi, have you tried NUK bottle with latex teats? My baby used to refuse the bottle. We tried all sorts of different things just like you until we tried the NUK bottle and he took it. I recommended it to another friend of mine who had exactly the same issue age her baby took it too.
Thanks for your replies!
Yes we've tried the NUK latex. I would say it was the most successful, as she put up with it in her mouth without screaming for the longest time. But she still won't suck, just chews until she's really fed up then screams the house down until she's breastfed.

I'll see if I can get other half to have more of a try as I'm trying everyday and getting nowhere. Possibly as she knows the real thing is right there. Fingers crossed we get there in the end!
could you try it as a dream feed initially?

though this might mess with your routine too much if you don't already do one.
I agree with a previous post. You may try to leave the baby for half a day she will most certainly get hungry although it wont be easy for the carer. My exclusively bf son has never taken a bottle:/ as we have started it too late. My daughter was on one bottle NUK with latex tit as mentioned previously is excellent. We have started at 5 weeks of age with her she will drink it but only from me:/ they are clever and very selective creatures;)
we had this issue with number 2 and after trying every bit of advice going, after 2 months of trying (at 5 months old) we played hardball. She woke up one morning and was only offered the bottle Exclaimation. She refused feed number one, took a drop of feed number 2, another drop 3 hours later, and then on feed number 4 early/mid afternoon she wolfed down the whole thing and some (from a NUK bottle). Next feed again she took the whole thing. I was expressing through the day. Next morning first feed was bottle and then after that she was happy with either bottle or boob. It wasn't fun, but problem solved in a very short space of time!

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