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Paris with a toddler - advice needed


Later this week i am off to Paris for a few days with a toddler and a young baby. Is there anything / anywhere that people would recommend (or avoid for that matter!). Was also thinking about going to Disneyland for the day...but not sure if it might be too much for such a young child?

Any advice much appreciated!

See: [www.timeout.com] for things to do with kids

and [www.timeout.com] for Jardin du Luxembourg:

'Jardin du Luxembourg

Closest metro: Vavin/Odéon/Saint-Sulpice

The 25-hectare park is a prized family attraction. Kids come from across the city for its pony rides, ice-cream stands, puppet shows, pedal karts, sandpits, metal swingboats and merry-go-round. Look out for the intense games of chess that take place on the wooded side of the park.'

There is also a boating pond with lovely little sail boats for hire in the Jardin des Tuileries (closest metro: Tuileries) near the Louvre. If you google boating pond in Jardin des Tuileries you'll find some pictures.

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Jardin des Plantes (sp), and natural history museum, is (at least) a day's worth of fun.
NHM (http://www.mnhn.fr/) is good, there's a really good museum of evolution, which is lots of skeletons from dinosaurs to humans, but all arranged so they face the same way, as if all marching out of the room.

The park also has a good zoo, plus lots of grass, playgrounds, giant greenhouses, ice creams....
The interactive area in the science museum is amazing, you have to pre-book a slot and it's a treck out of the centre but worth it. Maybe more worth it they're a bit older though. I also wouldn't bother with Disney yet. The Pompidou centre is great for running around outside and going up the outside escalators and often they have kids craft activities on as part of an Exhibition. Definitely Jardins de Luxembourg, you have to pay to go into the playground but it's lovely. Have fun!

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