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St philip neri school

Where do I start ..
I'm a father of two children attending this school ...
I drop them off and pick them up 2 days a week ..
That's my duty ..
Let me start from bending the issues I've got with the school

Some time ago music teacher said that she wanted to speak to someone close to the boy I.e mum or dad (pour effort as I always drop the boy for music lessons and if the teacher cannot remember who the dad is then can she remember what does she want to teach the whole lot ?...

Been accused of letting my 7 year old walking to school on his own even though I've dropped him to school that very day and left him right outside the gate - teacher was asking my boy why did he come alone and even though he told the teacher that he's been taken to school by me she / he (still trying to find out who it was ) brainwashed the boy till he have said that he came on his own ( well done- that's bulling)

Yesterday when my wife was going to pick up the kids from school she's been ask by a teacher to pick some random kids up from school as the mother wasn't around ...
Never mind ...
I did not mind to have and extra half a football team in the house for few hours ..
The problem is that the mother never shown up to pick them up ...
So I've got bunch of kids in
And I'm not sure if I've adopted them already or not!
Tried to trade the mum and dad
But looks like the only person who cares about the boys is my missus!
Called police so they can sort out my confusion - find the parents or take the kids and return them to their parents but they after 30 min the dispatcher called me and said that I should call social services instead .
Called them up and instead of having some help getting help in returning boys with their parents I've been told to keep then and I should find the parents !
Hello ?!
Does anyone know how to fix my nightmare?
In addition to that I don't how the did the school teacher come up with the idea of a random person picking someone's kids up and looking after them when parents are nowhere to be found and ...
How come social services did not care enough about the kids .. and came up with the idea idea of "look after them "
Outran that is ..
No other word for that .
Should I report the schools stuff for misconduct ?
If so where to ?
Dan, I have never heard or encountered anything
like this. Does your wife know the parents of the
children. I am assuming she agreed to take them
back to your home. I hope the children are okay.
Hopefully you have had a meeting with school, and
got answers from them. It seems crazy they would
allow children to be taken outside of school, because parents did not turn up. It makes no sense.
I would contact the Head Teacher at the school, Dan. Sounds like a very unusual situation!
I find it distressing that neither police or social services failed to make a move and at least make an attempt to find relatives of the children ...
And no I have not have enough time to have a go and speak to the head ...
And no my wife and the mother of the kids aren't friends or even know themselves so I find this situation more than surprising
Dan I don't think you're going to get any answers
without speaking to school. I can't imagine a situation where the school asks another parent to take children whose parents/relatives have not turned up. Didn't your wife find this strange, sorry but I just don't get it.
1. The music teacher is a specialist, probably teaches every child only once a week, unlikely to know parents.
2. Good for the school, conscientious checking child's safety. It is unusual for a 7 year old to enter a school alone.
3. Bazar! Must have been some kind of misunderstanding? Kids not picked up usually goto the reception. Schools are usually super hot on this stuff as it's safeguarding.
Hope that gives you the feedback you need. I will add that's it probably best to take this to the school rather than a public forum.
Procedure for schools/nurseries/after school clubs should be that if a parent/carer is delayed in collecting children, they should phone school immediately to notify them and give approximate time of arrival. failing that the parent/carer arranges alternative adult to collect and gives school etc their name and description, and that alternative adult gives some ID to school etc when arrives. If no adult/much older child collects the children - the school must notify social services and ask that they collect children.

Some schools etc stipulate that if the children are not collected by a certain time i.e. 5 pm schools (possibly) with nurseries and after school clubs tending to be around 6 or 6.30 ish, social services will be contacted.

I had to collect my grand daughter when she was in primary school in Orpington - my daughter had rung the school and explained that she could not collect - my grand daughter was kept in the secretary's office till I arrived some 30 minutes after school ended.
Where is this school?
Forest Hill
What happened to the kids, did they eventually get home? What an odd thing to happen..
Saffron said: Forest Hill

No, Saffron, it's in Sydenham

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This is truly shocking and totally goes against any school safe-guarding policy.
No teacher should allow any child to go home with anybody other than their usual carers/collectors unless previously informed of an arrangement. This is perhaps why social services did not respond, as they must have thought there was an arrangement for the children to be at your house and were just not being collected at the agreed hour.

Please let us know how this was resolved and whether you are planning to report this. One has to assume that the kids' parent/carer was going to pick them up whenever he/she could get there. Imagine arriving at your kids' school and finding it locked up with noone there. Poor show from social services not to actively respond to your call and recognise the failings of the school. Even poorer form from the teacher who sent kids home with another parent, which would be considered gross misconduct in most schools. Contact the local authority (Lewisham?) education team - that school desparately needs some INSET safeguarding training.
Townleygreen Wrote:

Saffron said: Forest Hill

No, Saffron, it's in Sydenham

The infant school has a postal address in FH, the junior school in Sydenham. They're about 5 min apart bc Sydenham borders FH.

I understood the described incident involved the infant school.

In any event, I hope it was reported and resolved. xx

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