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Specialist house insurance to cover renovations

Hello, we're having some major renovations on our house and due to that, and the fact we're moving out for the duration, we've been advised we need soecialist insurance. I've gone to a broker and the cheapest annual insurance they've quoted is almost £1200 for the year, with no option to pro rata for the much shorter time it's likely to take. So just to ask please if anyone has had a similar experience and found a more cost effective solution please? Many thanks.
Your property is classified as unoccupied and there are some companies that will insure- have a look at
Our insurer (John Lewis underwritten by RSA) continued to provide buildings cover for our place when we moved out during renovations, they also covered our contents in our temporary place for the duration. There was no extra charge for any of this. They did ask for copies of our builder's liability insurance, copy of the contract and asked some simple questions.

The exclusions they put in place were as follows:
"We do not provide cover for: Accidental Damage
In respect to your building work the following terms will apply, whilst the work is ongoing.
· We are not providing Joint Insured status with the Contractor.
· Cover is restricted to the existing structure only.
· Loss or damage by storm is excluded whilst the property is not weatherproof.
· Loss or damage by theft, attempted theft, malicious persons or vandals is excluded unless there are signs of forcible or violent entry or exit at the property.
· Any damage caused as a result of the works is excluded.
· No cover is provided for unfixed materials
The automatic policy exclusions detailed in the policy booklet, which usually come into force when the property has been unoccupied for 60 days in a row, will come into force immediately when the property becomes unoccupied due to building works · Freezing water in fixed water or fixed heating systems · Water escaping from washing machines, dishwashers, fixed water or fixed heating systems · Oil escaping from a fixed heating system · Theft & malicious damage"

Our mortgage company were happy with this and so were we, the contractor's insurance would have covered most of the exclusions.
I rang up John Lewis (my insurer) they asked for the building plans etc.. and then changed the insurance to allow for empty occupancy plus the usual covers for damage by builders..

they also wanted the JCT contract i had with my builder as it they also had insurance which would cover damage to the house..
Similar position here - Halifax rather than John Lewis and they did charge me (but not a huge amount from memory). They continued to cover for the period of the building works (7 months) and gave us contents at our temporary address.

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