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Can anyone recommend an employment lawyer please? I'm returning after mat leave and I'm being offered variation of contract terms, being messed around with time scales and I've had all of my flexible working request rejected on every ground...I'm now off on sick leave worrying about how I'm going to get it sorted.

Many thanks in advance
Jane Wheeler at Hine Legal is excellent. Very practical advice too.
Anthony Gold
Sunita Knight-Webb - just sorted me out with a great contract and gave lots of good advice.

She's local in Herne Hill too

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Not local to Dulwich (Wimbledon), but I can highly recommend Belinda: [www.sw19lawyers.co.uk]
Really sorry to hear this and hope it's getting resolved. You could also contact Working Families UK - they are a charity and run a helpline where you can ask questions and get advice:
Really sorry to hear of your troubles.

I work in HR. Have you got an HR department at your work and could you talk to them first for advice and support?

Also, most companies will have an internal grievance process, so you can raise a formal grievance if you want to consider this.

Normally, when I see an employment lawyer letter, things have gone so far that relations can be past the point of any return so I would think about this.

Hope it all gets sorted for you one way or other.

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