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Dog walker/sitter for whippet

We have a gorgeous whippet who needs the odd walk and the odd 'sleepover'. Would be great if another dog there too for company!!
Please let me know if available...

Hi Mimmum, my name is Maria, I am a small scale dog walker, I am based on the East Eulwich /Camberwell boarder. I never walk more than 3 dogs and I do not drive dogs around in a car/van. I am fully insured and DBS checked. I am the proud owner of a lovely rescue Lurcher named Honey. Please check out my facebook page for more details and reviews. Parkers Pets @lookingafterthedog

Apologies if you have received other messages from me , I tried earlier from my phone and was not sure if I did it successfully. Alternatively feel free to call me on 07821248019

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