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Advice on baby names

We are expecting our first child in the summer and we are having a debate about baby names and popularity. Is anyone on here a primary / nursery teacher or able to help us gauge the popularity of some particular names?! If you could PM me that would be great! Thanks
are you really planning on naming your baby based on what other people do?

you're trolling, surely?
If you look up the BabyCentre (UK) names lists for the last few years you can get a feel.
Our daughters name was #54 out if 100 and we haven't met another yet but our sons name was 16th for last few years and we meet loads out and about!
Thanks Ginster, that's helpful. We had looked at the top lists but looking at the stats it suggests even the top names account for <0.5% of births so didn't know if we should even pay too much attention...! And I guess it can vary massively regionally hence why I thought it might be useful to ask on here.

P.s. Not trolling, just after some genuine advice..!!
I think you should think of names you like and when your baby arrives, you'll know which one will suit her/him.
Do not go for 'vogue names' they go out of date easily also others usually can tell which programmes/pop stars you were watching during pregnancy.

I used to hear a lot of Courtney, Chanel, Chantelle, Sunny, Beyonce, LaToya, Sheridan, Scarlett, Elvis etc.

Go with names that suit your surname - I still remember dealing with an Arthur Crown, Teresa Green, Lily, Ivy and Rose Seed and a George Raffe (G Raffe)
I am training to be a midwife and see lots of freshly named babies! There are SO MANY of the following names it is ridiculous:

Isabella (every second baby seems to be called this!)


I would avoid any of these if you don't want to have four of the same name in your kid's class! The other funny thing is waves of fairly unusual names. Arlo had a moment, Edie is definitely having a moment and even Dora has been quite popular recently. Good luck!
I work in primary schools, and agree with the above, plus


Thanks all, this has been really helpful! Especially some of those popular names, I would not have realised that they were 'on trend'!!
Emily was popular twenty years ago. That's when a niece was born. There were loads in her reception class.
I was taking with a fellow parent at school about just this the other day...

...popular names are:
- Florence
- Bella
- Alice
- Maya
- Olivia
- Ella

- Harry
- Freddy
- Felix
- Rohan
- Charlie

Good luck with it all!
So OP, I'm not clear from your posts - are you actively looking for a popular name or trying to avoid having one for your baby? Just curious!
We moved from London to NZ at the beginning of the year, it's been interesting looking at names here.

My youngest is Kate - I wasn't aware of any other little Kate's at our old school (Goodrich). Now, in a school less than half the size, there's a Kate in pretty much every class. Sasha is very common too.

My daughter has 3 girls called Bella in her class, so it's a worldwide trend. But boys names are very different, there's a real trend towards using surnames as first names - Hunter, Fletcher, Taylor, Hudson etc.

Go to a busy playground, sit with a coffee, and just listen. You'll soon get a feel for what names to avoid 😉
Would also say that finding out what names are really popular now in schools won't necessarily tell you what will be popular by the time your baby reaches school age. Probably better to go to a local playgroup and see what all the kids are called. Based on a non scientific sample size though the following are popular:

Girls: Olivia, Isla, Amelia, Annabelle, Isobelle
Boys: Felix, Alfie, Charlie, Harry

Also worth looking at the 'most popular baby names' lists. Whilst there are local variations, if you avoid the top 2 in each category it cuts down the chance of multiples.

Basically though you can't control it. We chose a name I'd never heard locally before and was way down the popularity list but I've since heard of 2 or 3 more locally. Choose a name you love - there is a reason why some are more popular after all!
What do you think about name Lily for a boy? My better half wants it but I think it's totally a girl name(99% as stated by [babyname.tips])
Flower names are usually given to girls- Daisy, Rose, Lily etc
Felix is a cat's name imho
Rohan is a place in Tolkein's realms
I'm waiting for Ned, Rickon, Bran, Arya and Sansa etc to turn up soon
Just call the child something you like and which suits him/her.

My daughter has a name which was virtually never around when she was born (seventies) but then later became really popular.

So even if you are trying to avoid popular names, you may find you can't.

But I also wonder why you are asking on here when a quick Google would tell you .....

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I'd ask a midwife rather than parents with school age children as these trends change very quickly. We also wanted to avoid a trendy name- my new baby is only 5 months old. I can honestly say of the 30 mums I know who have had babies this year don't know any babies with the same name. Mothers on the other hand- there a so many Sarahs Rachels and Rebeccas you have a clear idea of what was on trend in the 80s.

People tend to go for fairly unique / traditionally old fashioned names around here at the moment.

I'd echo just go for what you like as there isn't a name in ED as a new mum that I am hearing repeated loads in 2017 so whatever you pick should be a safe bet!
Following a 'disagreement' about names for their anticipated 1st born child (sex unknown) my daughter and son on law could agree about a boy's name 'Morgan' but not on a girl's . In the end they said sod it Morgan boy or girl!.

Daughter annoyed when Morgan started school to find another female Morgan in another class

Baby 2 (sex unknown) no female names but Travis or Lennon for a boy. Thankfully when son was born a change of heart and Morgan then aged 5 was asked whether she preferred Owen on Euan/ Ewen for her brother - she replied Owen as she could pronounce this better. Consequently Owen became one of about 4 Owen's in his primary school

Regardless of what name you choose - your child will change it. We had Kathryn and wanted to shorten it to Katie but our daughter decided that she was a Kat and everyone apart from us her parents call her that!

My old aunt for reasons unknown always called me Mary Ellen ( my names is nothing like that)

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