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House/dog sitting charges

We are off on holiday this summer and have got a friend of a friend to live in our house, water the plants and take the dog for a walk avery day. Not sure what to charge, I was thinking of £20 per day. Does that sound too much/too little/just right? Interested in your thoughts/experience.
I have friends that do this in Sydney, pretty much fulltime - there are websites that match owners/sitters etc. They don't get paid, they just get free accommodation/amenities.
The young couple involved live in a shoebox "studio" flat in Greenwich with shared bathroom and it turns out they are delighted to get, as you say, Bobbsy, free accommodation and facilities. For them it's a staycation in lovely ED. Everyone's happy!
Should have written in my original post "How much should I pay", not how much should I charge them - which would have been rather grasping of me!
We would usually leave some cash if we had a friend to house sit our cats. Or alternatively, we'd leave the kitchen stocked with food and wine. I always leave the vet's number on the fridge, but thankfully no one's ever needed to use it! xx
You are essentially paying for the dog walking as the rest is a bit of a gift. Depending on your friendship I would go £20 a day absolute mex or as little as £15 which is a standard dog walking rate. Alternatively a case of wine.
Thanks for the advice. Will definitely stock the fridge with some goodies and get the wine in.
If that job is still available, I would be more than happy to do it this summer. I am keen on earning some money this summer as I have recently finished my GCSEs.
Thank you Amin01, we are sorted now.

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