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Brockwell Lido

Anyone know what Brockwell Lido is like these days?
Horrible. Don't go there.
I like it. Gets very very busy at weekends when it's hot out. Don't bother with the changing rooms though - they are grim. I always get a spot on the decking. My kids love it - like a mini holiday. The pool isn't heated so be prepared for that. I'll be going on my day off tomorrow!
I went yesterday - gorgeous and no queue! Bit difficult to tell when you will be queueing round the corner and when not - during the week. If it is a hot weekend, just take for granted you will be queueing, but its lovely when you're in. Lido-style so you're on the concrete if you're not lucky enough to get a space on the decking.
the Lido in Charlton is nice. Water is heated, it's clean too (which is a bonus)

I've raised concerns with safety at Brockwell Lido as have other people. There's a forum thread on it.
Thank you for your feed back we have been to Charlton but thought of going more local.
It is lovely - but probably best to avoid the really busy times.
I was there with my toddler on Tuesday morning and it was lovely! The changing rooms get really gross in the summer which is a shame, but I tend to get changed under a big towel on the decking! It looks like chaos on a sunny weekend. It is a wonderful place to have a lovely long swim if you get a rare hour without the children, outside of the busy periods! It is especially nice (for grown ups) in the spring/autumn when it is much quieter!
It's lovely, just get there early and leave before it gets too crowded.
Only issue I've had is the lack of shade on very hot days, not great for very small children.
Tooting Bec is probably better for younger children - lots more shade/grass/trees and a paddling pool for small children.

I love Brockwell for swimming myself though.

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