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Anyone knows any cooking class in ED for a 5 years old child

Hi my son is very keen on having cooking class but I cant find anything in ED. he is 5 years old.
Is anyone aware of any classes in the area?
Hi, we've found it quite easy to cook at home with our 5yo. He has his own child friendly knives, measuring cups etc and he quite enjoys it.

of course you might be already doing this in which case ignore me!
Try Kitchen Skills Kirkdale Sydenham
My daughter went a couple of times to a cooking class around Crystal Palace, if memory serves (might have been Forest Hill...?). It was fun, but she was ~4 year old, and most of the children were 2.5-3yrs.

Kitchen Skills looks interesting, with classes for older children. [kitchenskills.co.uk]
Thanks for the tip! smiling smiley
Mine did Crafty Cooks in the holidays [bubeleapp.com]
Classes by Rosendale allotments

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