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Local dermatologist?

I just wondered if anyone knows of any dermatologists in the East Dulwich area or anyone who can advise on young teenage skin without giving a hard sell on products?

My daughter is 13 but is beginning to suffer quite a bit with spotty skin and I wanted to get some advice on what we should be using because she seems so young for a lot of the harsh products out there. There is a wealth of confusing and often conflicting advice online and asking in chemists or shops tends to lead to being persuaded to buy an expensive product.

If anyone could help with any advice on who to ask/where to go I'd be really grateful.
When I STILL had acne in my late twenties, I did some research. I ditched the products and went for IPL. IPL is not harsh, it's not a laser. It's intense pulsed light. It kills the bacteria that tend to form acne deep in the skin.

Unfortunately I haven't had any IPL recently, so I wouldn't know where to recommend. You should probably do some online research and have a thorough consultation. I had my IPL at The Private Clinic on Harley St, but since then many places are offering IPL.

If you're still thinking you'd rather stick with products, then I'd highly recommend Proactive.[www.proactiv.co.uk]
Sorry, I can't help with the recommendation you're after (though I think it's a really great idea & wish my parents had taken me as a teen - could have saved lots of bad-skin angst not to mention money saved on products that didn't work!). But in case it's helpful in the meantime, I like Dr Sam Bunting's YouTube videos. She's a Harley Street dermatologist. A lot of the videos are aimed at adult acne (so the products recommended may not be suitable for young skin), but there is one on teen skin - I'll try to link to it:

There are community dermatologists who your GP can refer patients to on the NHS.

I have seen one in Herne Hill who was extremely thorough, spent a lot of time with me, and I was very impressed.

I also didn't have to wait too long for an appointment.

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You could try asking here - [www.drmayoni.co.uk]

It is a salon but they have a more medical approach and I'm sure they would be happy to talk to you and your daughter.

I think its lovely that you are helping her protect her skin - i suffered from bad skin as a teenager and I'm pretty sure the super harsh things like clearsil did more harm than good.

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