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Congratulations to Kingsdale staff and school community

Topline on the school's recent Ofsted: outstanding in every category.
Full report to be published soon.
That's the school over in West Dulwich where it is nearly impossible for any East Dulwich child to get a place?
Not at all impossible! At my children's primary school, over a quarter of the year group used to go on to Kingsdale (less so now as majority go the new Charter).
Six out of sixty from Heber went last year (more were offered places but went to the new Charter instead). So no, not at all impossible.

Well done everyone at Kingsdale for the brilliant Ofsted result.
Yeah indeed well done to them.

Funny how perceptions are different though, I always think of it as the school that eventually manages to offer everyone on its waiting list a place even after they may have started year 7 elsewhere. Plenty of SE22 and SE15 children go. However, it doesn't offer places based on proximity to the school, so in the pan London application system a child from say Camden has the same chance of getting in as a child from E Dul - quirky!
It's great news - well deserved. Quite a few children we know near us behind Goose Green go.
regardless of who gets to go its always great for a school to get a good Ofsted.
Does anyone have any views on the new ED Charter school. Is it good?
One of my children started there this year. Whether it's good or not is difficult to judge at this stage. I have a high level of respect for the head teacher and the teaching staff but there are restrictions on their temporary site. I have issues with the current curriculum but none of those relate to the school. The teachers are very engaged and focused on the child. As the first year group, of it was any different I'd be surprised but I have confidence that this approach will continue.

cordsm Wrote:

Does anyone have any views on the new ED Charter
school. Is it good?
My son is at New Charter. He has blossomed and neither he nor I could be happier. Like all schools you can only judge for yourself. Perhaps at one of the open days next term?
I do know it is a very popular choice.

Our son is just finishing his first year at the Charter School East Dulwich - his experience and ours has been overwhelmingly positive. We have found the teaching excellent, the curriculum engaging (and challenging!) and the school's organisation and communication generally very good.

There have been restrictions associated with the temporary site - which the school have readily acknowledged - but in his and our experience at least, the downsides have been far outweighed by the positives. The school's smaller size has meant students have had far more attention from staff than would have been practical at a larger school. It's unlikely many other year 7 cohorts in the UK this year have had as much focus on them as the students at Charter East Dulwich...

As the school expands on the temporary site there will almost certainly be more challenges - but we feel the leadership team have taken this into account. Plans for more pupils appear well thought through, and come December 2018 the school should move to its new site in East Dulwich - work is underway by the looks of things and the drawings / architects plans look exciting.

Congratulations too to Kingsdale for an excellent Ofsted - clearly there is a lot of great work going on there. So good to have increased choice of excellent secondary education locally...
I was in Southampton Row yesterday near the junction with Havil Street and saw a building signposted Charter School East Dulwich. How does that work?
It's the school's temporary premises (used to be a centre of Southwark College) while the permanent school is being built on the Dulwich Hospital Site. That is due to be completed by the end of 2018 and then the school will move into the permanent site. [www.chartereastdulwich.org.uk]
To avoid thread de-rail and to get best answers about Charter East Dulwich, start a new thread?

Good for Kingsdale.

Anyone in E Dulwich has exactly the same chance of getting a place as anyone in W Dulwich, due to the Lottery system. Lottery and the scholarships (music and sport) were key to getting people to consider the school as part of its transformation many years ago. I personally think it should now revert to operating as a local school with a distance catchment.

But it does provide an option for people in S London who feel their local / nearest schools are not strong, and provides an alternative to what is sometimes a house-price based admissions system in our good schools.

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