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Theft from Goose Green kid's playground

Today, someone stole my 18 month old's lunchbag (including all contents - milk, lunch, bib etc) from the pram whilst my mum was playing with my child. I wrote about this in the 'stolen' section, but thought I should add it here so that parents can be extra vigilant with their belongings.

Fortunately, we always carry our respective handbags on us, but I never thought I'd have to worry about someone stealing a baby's lunch from a children's playground. From now on, I'm going to keep the pram right next to us, which will make playing more difficult, but it seems that's what's necessary, and we certainly can't afford to replace it.
That's really rather sad. Someone must have been hungry. Perhaps it was a child out on their own and not given any food.

I wouldn't leave valuables on their own, but I really hope this was a one off and not indicating anything worse.
Unfortunately, it was an adult, according to the woman who saw the item taken.

Adults should know not to steal and children should be taught not to steal. We were shockingly poor when I was young and no one in the family ever stole, so I have no tolerance for those that do.
That's just very very wrong. Obviously stealing food from a child.

I can't really get my head around that concept. And I completely agree with you about stealing.
JL Dulwich Wrote:

Unfortunately, it was an adult, according to the
woman who saw the item taken.

Someone saw the item taken and didn't challenge the woman who took it???
Maybe didn't realise until too late that it wasn't the owner? sad smiley
Unfortunately I've known this type of theft to happen previously... from the playgroup inside a church no less! It was definitely an adult, and I seriously doubt they were hungry. More likely an opportunist thinking there would be cash. All they got was baby food... and someone's favourite nappy bag. Grrr.

Sorry to hear this happened in GG playground. What does the lunch bag look like, in case anyone sees it discarded? Slim chance but worth a try. xx

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