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Exercise classes with children

Hi there. Slightly random request. I've recently started to go to the gym more and my nearly six year old son has noticed and is really interested. He's not that keen on team sports (doesn't like football), but really wants to join in with the various exercises I do. He's obviously way too young for the gym proper, but does anyone know of any fitness type classes that you can do with your child. It would be a fun thing to do together and would be good for us both.

Thank you!
There's a boxing class with www.mindovermatterboxing.co.uk near the Sainsbury's in East Dulwich. I also take my daughter to a class with Jelly Bely PT in Dulwich Park on a Saturday morning.
Thanks so much. I think he's a bit big for the Jelly Belly classes, but boxing could be interesting! I'll look into it.

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