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Where to buy a nice sofa?

Anyone have any brainwaves / success stories with their sofa purchases? Looked at the usual suspects - sofa.com, habitat etc but would welcome any other ideas. Has anyone ever bought a nice, good quality second hand sofa in an actual shop? Have been trawling through ebay but we'd quite like to try it out before we part with the cash...

Depends what sort of thing you are looking for?

My sofa was exorbitantly expensive from Heals, but I've had it nearly thirty years!

Squint in Shoreditch do interesting sofas, but maybe not your taste.


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When I was looking online for sofa there seemed to be lots of shops in Kingston. But I didn't get much further than that!
Loaf have a new showroom in Shoreditch
Is it for use by children, or the grown-ups only? ...because if it will be used by the kids, washable covers are a good idea, or good quality leather!

A few years back we got a very nice secondhand sofa for my father-in-law from the ED Forum. I've seen a few nice sofas on 'SE4 Families' Facebook group recently as well. smiling smiley
Thanks all...yes, kids will probably end up using it as a trampoline so something durable and washable a good idea! Going to follow up all your leads. The room it's going into is fairly small so I think we're after a 2 seater...something quite classic (I like the Loaf ones Dodo1 - thanks) but maybe with a slight twist! Wondering if you can get something that looks good and is comfy (perhaps second hand) for around the £500/600 mark but I think this may be very wishful thinking...
Mrs Robinson on Lordship Lane has furniture. Worth a look.
Hi. I stumbled upon your post whilst searching for "trampoline" (you said your children would use the new sofa as a trampoline!) and realised I may have exactly what you're looking for. We are moving next week and were planning to sell our 3 year-old sofa.com sofa, as we won't have room for it in our new house. It is our second sofa.com sofa and I think they're really well made and manage to look classic yet still current.

As I'm washing the covers on our sofa now (we have a 2 and a 4 year old who don't necessarily use it as a trampolie, but do manage to draw on it far too often! Thankfully it comes out in the wash!) I will post pictures of the sofa from the sofa.com website. It's a 2 1/2 seater Bluebell (total width 190 cm). The fabric is "natural flax pure belgian linen." You can see more on the website.

The only problem we've had with it is that the linen fabric tends to "pull." Is that the right word for it? It annoys me a bit but my husband doesn't seem to mind - says it adds character.

We are moving next Thursday (27th) and it will be available then. Let me know if you'd like to take a look. We live in East Dulwich. Thank you! (And sorry for bothering you, if you're not interested...)

Hi Caroline

Would love to have a look!

Will PM


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hiit Wrote:

Hi Caroline

Would love to have a look!

Will PM


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