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Advice needed Travelling long-haul with a 3yr old

Me and my Husband are travelling to Cuba with our 3yr old daughter in August, the flight is around 7 to 10 hours. I was wondering does anyone have any wise advise to offer us. Any advice will be very much appreciated.

Thank you
Not sufficient sleep beforehand so that the child fall asleep during the flight. Also a trip to whsmith to buy colouring books,a magazine with gadets, even better chosen by the child, so that he/she will be excited to get it. Favourite snack also would be handy plus an I pad with a favourite cartoon.
Depends on the hours you are travelling of course but at 3 years old children are interested in what's going on around them so maybe focus on this and the time will fly by!
Thank you so much for the advice. I'm panicking already

The flight will be at 10am

Good thing is she loves my iPad.
Hi Rose, there is a previous thread on this i will try and find it for you.

at that age an iPad and some kids headphones are a lifesaver. a small pillow is worth it so you can get her comfy. we have found that a selection of their books and toys (nothing with small parts to lose) is good - we tried new toys that they unwrapped but they weren't that interested, i also took their special nighttime toy.

dress her in comfy clothes which double as pjs i.e. comfy to sleep in

take a bottle with a straw, helps clear the ears. we use kids camelback ones.

take a change of top for you in case she has an upset tummy
We went on a flight with our then 3 year and 1 year old a couple of years ago (short haul) and we sat in those seats at the front (right hand side of plane) where you get a bit of extra legroom. Remember it making quite a big difference as the kids could spread out a bit and could even play on the floor! Think planes must have different sorts of legroom in different places (and kids can't go by emergency exits) but it might be worth investigating! Also remember feeling like we were hassling everyone around us a bit less than if we'd been in the middle of the plane...Good luck!
I normally travel on a 9.30pm flight.
I get to the airport earlier than need be.... let the little one run around to his hearts content, feed him.....
then when we get on the plane I brush his teeth before take off.... put him in a onesie.....
strap him up in his seat & just chill with him.
within a hour of the flight hes gone!
normally wakes up about an hour before we due to land.

I've been doing this for about 4 years now.... hes 5 by the way.

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