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Peckham rye adventure playground

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but can someone tell me if the adventure playground on peckham rye is open on weekends and school holidays at the moment? I know there is building work plus the main guy left, so does anyone know opening hours? Cheers
It was open on saturday - there's a new manager and the building work doesn't encroach on any of the equipment.
I was chatting with the new manager though and it seems there is some uncertainty as to its future funding. I think its a fantastic resource for kids and families and would be interested to know from the local Councillor Renata Hamvas whether there's any justification for the guys running it to feel vulnerable....
Thx - a friend actually stopped by earlier today and apparently the "current" opening hours are:

Tues-Fri 3.30-7
Sat 12-5

School hols:
Mon-Fri 12-5

Hope that helps other people smiling smiley
Hi both,
what has happened is that the service has moved from the Children and Young people's department to Parks and Open Spaces. The hours are the same as they always have been, those in your post, Pilsbury (thanks for posting this). With the massive annual cuts to our budget by the current government, every department's budget is squeezed every year. For this reason I can't guarantee what the hours will be next year or the year after etc. One thing I would say that the Adventure playground is an important and valued facility catering for a wide age range of local children and your Peckham Rye Councillors are very supportive of this facility. In fact, we allocated some of our CGS funding this year for improvements to the adventure playground equipment.

There are major works going on in the vicinity of the adventure playground (new one 'O' clock club), so there is a possibility some disruption over the summer due to this, but at the moment it is business as usual.


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