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Car seat in car accident

I was in a fairly unpleasant traffic collision the other day where I thankfully emerged more unscathed than the car.

Fortunately the children weren't with me but both car seats were. The other car drove right into the left hand side of the car and the back light, back wheel and front wing mirror are all severely damaged as well as other denting.

I wondered if anyone has experience/knowledge of whether I should be replacing the car seats as a matter of course? Neither appears to be damaged but I'm conscious they may have taken some impact. And/or is there an argument for replacing the one on the left as the right one wouldn't have been damaged?

Thanks in advance - feel I should know this stuff!
Car seats should always be replaced after an accident as the damage cannot always be seen.
If you have lei cover on your car insurance you can claim back the cost of replacing the seats.
Glad to hear you are ok.
Thank you - that's what I suspected but wasn't sure if I'd invented the rule in my head, good to have it confirmed!
If they are maxi cosi seats I recall reading somewhere they may replace for free; here's the info

definately replace them.

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