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Query rash on daughters

Our 3 children have developed a red rash over their bodies. It's quite itchy but they've been otherwise ok.no other ailments (no fever) when the eldest 1st got it we took her to see our GP and were told it was probably extreme prickly heat. It happened for her around those 2 really hot days so it seemed logical but the other 2 developed them afterwards when the weather had cooled down quite a bit.

To cut the jackanory we just wondered if any other parents had children developing an unexplained rash that flares up mainly on face and torso?
Has it flared more than once on any of your kids? If just one flare-up, it sounds viral. Some children are predisposed to developing viral rashes. Sometimes there aren't many/ any other symptoms. But obvs seek medical advice if any serious symptoms. Hope they're all better soon. xx
One of my children had a rash all over their body a couple of weeks ago and was sent home. I took them to the docs who said they had a few cases from the same school first suspected as heat rash. The doctor thought it was an unnamed viral infection. It passed after a few days with no other symptoms. Oddly my other children didn't get it.
Was the rash a bit like mild exzema? I have developed this over the last week or so, but thought it might be a reaction to new (expensive) body wash that I was given for my birthday.
If it is prickly heat these products are excellent, gel wash and after lotion. I've only used them myself but it does say they are ok for children [www.suncaresolutions.com]

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