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Non-serious pony riding within easy public transport journey from ED?

My 4.5yo loves the idea of a pony ride, but has no experience and so I'm not looking for a "serious" horse riding lesson - more of just a "being led around a field on a docile pony at a very gentle pace" type thing.

Does anyone know where I might find this within a manageable distance from ED via public transport? Dulwich Riding School, and even Vauxhall City Farm look too much like proper lessons - I don't think my daughter would concentrate for 45 mins, and it would ideally cost quite a lot less than £25...

Any pointers greatly appreciated!
I think maybe mudchute farm.
Deen city farm which is by Morden Hall does pony rides round a small area (£2 according to this link). It's a nice place (new play area for little ones) and walk to Morden Hall if you've not been.

Has anyone been to Mottingham Farm riding centre?
I have not been to Mottingham Farm riding centre, but have heard very positive things about it. It is around £13 for a thirty minute lesson, though, which doesn't make it a cheap activity! I used to take my daughter to the riding club in Lee, but it has shut down now.
I don't know if they still do, but Surrey Docks Farm used to have pony rides at the weekend(I think it was £1-2 per ride). You can go there on the overground to Surrey Quays and then walk/bus up to the farm.
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