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Son's bike stolen from him on the street

Hi all,

I've reported this to the police and posted something in lost and stolen but thought it would be worth posting it here as it might be worth others discussing with their kids what they would do in a similar situation.

At 8:30pm, my 12 year old home he was on his way home riding his new bike (a Carrera Valour Mountain Bike) home from a short cycle round the neighbourhood. An older boy - about 16 on another bike stopped him near Coplestone Road & Oxenford Stret and asked him if he could ride my son's bike. My son said no repeatedly - about 10 times. Then the boy said, well I will leave my bike for you here so you know I won't ride off with yours. My son gave in reluctantly (he now knows he should have just rode off as quickly as possible but in the moment he didn't know what else to do as he felt intimidated)- the boy then circled round on the street a few times and then he speed off round the corner. Son waited a few minutes and then realised boy was not coming back. He came back to ours with the boys bike which looks well used. (I have reported the bike details to the police so that if it was stolen it can be returned to it's rightful owner.) I went out and waited on the corner to see if the boy perhaps would return (it does feel odd that he left his bike with my son but as my son's is brand new and the bike we were left with is well used perhaps that makes sense) but after 20 minutes I gave up.

Anyway, son now knows he should have just sped off on his bike and shouted for help if the other boy followed ... it might be worthwhile having a chat with your kids what to do.

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Almost exact same senario happened to my son and his friends a couple of weeks ago in Dulwich Park,cycling home from school. The perpetrators use slow persistant intimidation, once again they took brand new bike and left old junk they arrived on.

Definetly worth making kids aware of the scam. So sorry your son had to learn such a painful lesson.
It's got to be the same gang... really frustrating. I doubt will see our bike again. My son is really annoyed... he doesn't want to even get a new bike now because he feels like what's the point, it will just be stolen and then he and we will be upset all over again. If the police can't identify the genuine owner of the bike we have been left with (have searched for the frame number which will help them but no joy - will take it to the bike shop to see if they can find it), we'll keep the old bike they left and get it serviced. At least it will be something he can use and as it's used unlikely to be stolen.
I'm sure that you'll make sure your son knows he didn't do anything wrong.

Why would he even think that someone would be that nasty.

Of course we learn the hard way.

I hope he's ok.
So sad to hear this. Wondering whether it's worth posting a picture or detailed description of the bike in case any of us spot it in the local area we can contact the police. Also I heard that a lot of stolen bikes and other stuff goes onto gumtree as theives may try to flog off stolen stuff online. So it may be worth checking.

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