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Life coach recommendations?

Looking for a life coach recommendation if anyone is able to give one? I'm at a point in my life where I'd like career guidance along with an appreciation for the fact that I want to spend time with my kids too - I'm in a real rut and want some proactive help. Any recommendations would be really appreciated. Thanks
I can highly recommend Annabel - www.acexecutivecoaching.com. She's a career/executive coach and is brilliant! She lives locally, is extremely professional but friendly and full of fantastic ideas...many of which I'd never have thought to explore without her help. She's a mum of two young children too so she completely gets the work/life conundrum.Her email address is annabel@acexecutivecoaching.com.
Good luck! Emma
I would also recommend Annabel. Her Hogan psychometric testing was the best psychometric testing I've done - really helped me to understand my motivations/ values. Her specialism is with working Mums and she really gets it as a Mum herself.

I had life coaching sessions with Michelle Rozier. It was brilliant and really put me back on track and realise the goals that were important to me as I too was stuck in a rut with my career and relationship. I had hourly Skype sessions to fit around me and my current schedule which was really helpful. She charges £65 per hour and her number is : 07881787290 (just say You were recommended by Kate) she'll be happy to chat smiling smiley
Hi there,

I'm a local accredited life and exec coach and may be able to assist - I will PM you further information about the kind of coaching I can offer.

Kind regards,

Dear Lochie,

I'm a qualified life and exec coach, and coach on the side in addition to my day job. You can find out more about me and coaching at [www.clifflauson.com]

As mentioned on my site, I'm happy to send you my Coaching FAQ if you'd like to share your email address. Let me know if you have any questions or would like further info.

Best regards,

Cliff Lauson

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