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Medical appointments during pregnancy

I found out I am pregnant two week ago. I phoned my doctors to make an appointment and was told rather than see them at the surgery, I should self refer myself to King's online and they would contact me directly.

They've beeen in touch and I'm booked in for a scan in September - at which point I estimate I'll be twelve weeks.

My question is, is this right that I don't see anyone before this point? This is my first pregnancy and in addition to not knowing what to expect and being naturally anxious, as it early days we're keeping the news on the down-low and therefore don't really know anyone close enough to ask.

Thanks for reading and if anyone can my mind at rest, I'd appreciate it.
Get back in touch with your GP or Kings to express your concerns and request clarification. You should be able to see a midwife or GP before your scan, to address your concerns and to help you understand the process for antenatal appointments and care.

And congrats on your pregnancy! xx
Thank you Saffron x
Agree with Saffron that it's a good idea to get back in touch for some clarification. Was it the GP or reception staff who sent you straight to the hospital?

TBH, I've always found the system in ED a bit confusing as different things seem to happen in different surgeries. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about - you're clearly in the system if booked for a scan, but agree seems unusual not to see a midwife before that.

Good luck - and congratulations!
Hi Pollypops,

I also recently self-referred to Kings as I wasn't local in my first trimester (now in 2nd) and I was amazed that at no point was I asked to show "evidence" or provide a wee sample, etc! You're basically believed and are left to stick it out until your scan unless there's cause for concern. As the others suggested, I would call your surgery to clarify or the midwifery unit at Kings. I've just checked my Kng's maternity folder and the first midwife appointment listed is the Booking appointment at circa 12 weeks for samples and initial check in. This is done separately to the scan.
Early essential reading for me included How to grow a Baby and Push it Out (written by a King's midwife, covering what to expect in NHS system) and Expecting Better which covers the first trimester in a lot of detail.

Congratulations and good luck! PM if you'd like more info.
Hi Pollypops, I'm currently pregnant and I was referred to Kings by my GP. My first midwife appointment was at 8 weeks. It might be different across areas, or maybe you'll get your midwife appointment letter in the post soon. You can contact the midwives office to check: 020 3299 3246. Congratulations and good luck with your pregnancy!
Thank you all for your kind responses. I'm really grateful you took the time.

I'm going to contact the team at King's even if it achieves nothing more than putting my mind at rest.

Thanks again.
** Update **

I arrived home this evening to a letter telling me I have a midwife's appointment in two weeks.

Perhaps it's the hormones, but I probably should have been a little more patient before getting stressed and anxious.

Once again, thanks to those who took the time to respond.
The Family Room is a wealth of collective knowledge. I've been genuinely amazed and grateful for so much I've learned here over the years. I'm glad your mind has been eased ... and your letter arrived! smiling smiley

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