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Free NHS Antenatal Classes

Hi all,

Does anyone know if the NHS (registered to Lewisham hospital) offer free NHS antenatal classes? Online takes me to netmums which has links to all antenatal classes, of which you have to pay a considerable amount to attend.

If anyone can recommend a free or reasonably priced class in the local area, that would be great.


I'll be having my baby at Kings and the paperwork my midwife gave me was for NHS antenatal classes at Dulwich Hospital.
W discussed it at my booking appointment so it might be worth mentioning it next time you go.
Congratulations and good luck!
Hi Claire,

I attended the NHS parental education classes at Dulwich Community Hospital. We attended four 2 hour sessions held in the evenings and found them to be really informative and friendly. Your midwife should provide you with details of the classes available at your local hospital.
Hi Claire

I attended Antenatal Classes in Lewisham Hospital last September (I was due and of October). I found it really useful(even though I read a lot about things before😊) it's nice to hear it from them as well. The midwife(Marianne) was very nice and went through everything with us. Only had 6-7 couples so not crowded at all and you can ask lots of questions. We also had a hospital tour, where we went through the different facilities where you can have your baby (birth center, labour ward,maternity ward). Just ask your midwife when are the next classes starting (I think closer to birth are better).

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