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How much did you pay for a painter decorator?

We are thinking of a painter decorator to come do our hallway, landing and stairs. It's already primed but don't think we can cut in ourselves on the stairs as obviously it's high up.

Trouble is, the quotes I've had differ wildly. It's a small house. It makes me suspicious that decorators are plucking figures out of the air in the assumption that everyone in ED has forgotten what value things are.

Can you help - how much did you pay for decorating of a similar space?
We had someone do various decorating jobs in our house over a couple of years. He always charged by the day - £135-150 per day or £200 per day if there were two painters.

(He always quoted number of days in advance and we paid for materials in addition).
£150 for a day rate sounds about right currently. It's really hard to tell without any measurements or pics what a 'similar space' would be, or how complex the cutting-in is (lots of angles?).

I hope that helps. Maybe if you have any more details, I can give you better feedback? xx
We were paying £180 a day for our guys if it was just the one day, but got down to the equivalent £140 a day inc materials for doing the whole house.I posted a review in the trades section if you're looking for people.

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