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The Spin Doctor (Appliance Repair) Recommendation

I know there are a few recommendations on the forum for Steve but he really does deserve the praise.

Called him at 1pm yesterday and he was here 10 minutes later. Returned just now with the part I needed and my washing machine is fixed already. Brilliant!


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I just used him, he was quick to respond and efficient and fixed the problem quickly. Cost £45 for a 10 minute job.
Steve just fixed my dishwasher and tumble dryer. He came when he said he would and was quick, efficient and not expensive. I am so relieved to have my appliances in working order again. I wish I had phoned him weeks ago. I would definitely recommend.
Another recommendation for Steve, the Spin Doctor. He came round to my house last week and repaired both my washing machine and dishwasher. Would not hesitate to use his services again. 07921777428. Ali
I phoned Steve (Spin doctor) this morning as my washing machine had packed up. He arrived very quickly, identified the problem (pin holding the drum had split and the drum had fallen into machine - I had assumed it was a gonner but thought I'd run it by him) He fixed it within 5 minutes as there is a spare slot to attach the drum to. All sorted very efficiently and no costly parts. That was easy! Would definitely recommend.
I have used Steve twice now and his work is first rate and very reasonable prices
I had Steve round today for the second time (first our dryer, then our washing machine). Both times he has come as soon as he could, fixed our problem, and charged a very reasonable sum for doing so. He's also friendly, polite and gets the work done quickly. Thoroughly recommended.
Steve the Spin Doctor provided quick, efficient service- even when something very importnant came up for him he kept to the original plan, a total professional.
We've also just had Steve round to fix our washing machine and can highly recommend him. He came round within 24 hours of me phoning him, was on time, efficient, polite and most importantly of all, has fixed our washing machine! So good to find someone who you can whole-heartedly recommend on to friends and neighbours!
I used Steve to fix my washing machine a couple of years ago -
he was prompt and reasonably priced - and the machine's been working perfectly since.
I'd lost his number, so glad to have found this post, just in case!

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Another recommendation for Steve. Called this morning, came within an hour and machine fixed and working perfectly. all for a good price. I wouldn't call anyone else!
Steve brought my dishwasher back to life, was clunking and hissing but he cleared all the gunk from the pipes and saved me from having to buy a new one. Came round very quickly and charged a set fee. His no is 07921 777428 and email on spindoctor website. Highly recommend him if you have any appliances misbehaving!
Steve was quick and efficient at fixing my oven, and friendly to boot! I would definitely recommend him and will be using him when my next appliance packs up.
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Steve (the spin doctor)
Steve saved me hundreds of pounds in under an hour by reviving my old (1997!) Neff integrated washing machine to lather another day.
I thought I needed a new washer, but he told me I couldn't buy better quality nowadays and it was easily fixable.
Saving money is great but getting good advice is even more valuable. Always call the Spin Doctor first.
I can't recommend Steve highly enough. He has sorted out problems on my fridge, washing machine and dishwasher quickly, competently and reasonably. A real case of local is best!
Another recommendation for Steve who I've used numerous times over recent years and again today to repair my dishwasher. He is extremely knowledgeable, reliable and helpful and is also a thoroughly nice guy. I have no hesitation in recommending him. His number is 07921777428.
I must recommend Steve - he is brilliant. Serviced my dishwasher yesterday and has previously fixed it for me. He is a lovely guy and really good at what he does, I would not hesitate to recommend him.
My dishwasher broke this morning and within an hour Steve had come round. 30 minutes later the problem was fixed. Brilliant, I can't recommend more highly.
Steve - 07921777428
I would like to add that I've had Steve out twice and he's been amazing. The last time my dishwasher could not be repaired so he came back out to fit the new dishwasher for me free of charge. Really appreciated his help!
Just to add that Steve has looked at both a tumble dryer and a washing machine for me on two separate occasions. Superb service - even liaised with an electrican for me over some dodgy wiring - I just can't recommend him enough.
We saw Steve a few weeks back after I managed to pull our tumble drier handle off :0(

When I called him, he advised me to order the replacement handle online (am sure some
would order themselves & would have left me clueless as to how cheap it was!) & once it arrived, came round to fit it & even gave all the filters a good clean/gave the drier a bit of an MOT. Not planning on having any probs soon, but won't hesitate to call him again if I did.
Another recommendation for Steve - our washing machine stopped working. We rang Steve at 7.30am and he was around at 3pm the same day. He fixed the machine in about 20 minutes, reliable and professional and would recommend for your appliance repairs.
Another endorsement here - Steve came round on Monday to replace the washing machine seal. Ordered the replacement when I called him last week, arrived on time, completed the job super quick and sorted out another issue with my dryer. Have also previously used him for a fault on our dishwasher. Answered plenty of questions from my inquisitive 4 year old. I highly recommend him.
Steve did a very quick and helpful problem solving job on my machine
Huge recommendation! Super nice guy, knows everything! Fixed the problem real quick. We were faffing about with when and who could be there with keys to let him in. Steve was very helpful and it all got sorted out. Anyone with an appliance in need of help call Steve! - 07921 777428 - [www.londonspindoctor.com]
A further recommendation for the Spin doctor - organised, turned up on time, clear on the costs and a very nice chap to deal with.

Regards J.
Another recommendation for Steve, who sorted out our washing machine very quickly.
Excellent service from Steve, mending our ageing washing machine - he really knows his stuff! Excellent local expert who has sorted various fridge, dishwasher and washing machine emergencies for us over the past few years. His call out fee is good value and IMO it's always worth trying him to see if he can fix your appliance before shell out mega bucks for a new one. Highly recommended!
Another vote for Steve from Spin Doctor.
He's just mended our washing machine that wouldn't spin. He fixed it very quickly and reasonably by replacing the brushes and wasn't phased by the dogs barking at him! Excellent service and great guy to boot. Many thanks.

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