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Driving Instructor recommendations for a nervous mum!

I'm thinking of having driving lessons. Have any of you learnt with someone you would recommend? I'm very nervous,few bad lessons when i was 17 and that's put me off until now (aged thirty something....) and I would need someone who could build my confidence and be kind, and not get cross at me. Someone who will understand that I'm likely to cry at a few moments as i wail 'I cant do it!'. I live in Herne Hill.
You should really call Silvano Bozza, he was my son's teacher. He's a fantastic driving instructor and has lots of recommendations on this forum and on Freeindex. He's kind, patient and just a really nice guy. Would very much recommend him.

His details are: silvanobozza1@gmail.com and 07702615834

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Errol Simpson. I didnt start driving until my 30s and both my oh and I passed first time with Errol. He is fantastic
How much an hour?
Michael dulwich driving school 07956477626
Is it cheap ?
Errol seconded! He's with AA
Hi All,

I recently passed my driving test first time after working with Silvano Bozza. I was really pleased and impressed with him, I had a deadline to pass due to the birth of my daughter and he worked really well to accommodate my work schedule and ensure that I passed first time.

His details are: silvanobozza1@gmail.com and 07702615834
How much did it cost you ? And how many lessons did you have ?
I recently passed my driving test and would like to recommend Nick from Nicholas Driving Academy: [www.nicholasdrivingacademy.co.uk]
He’s not just a really experienced instructor, but also a very nice guy. As well as passing the test, he helped me gain confidence to drive on my own. I also did a motorway lesson with him, which was extremely helpful after passing the test.

Good luck!
I'd like to put in another good word for Silvano Bozza. I've just passed my test after only a couple of months of lessons with him. He's a lovely bloke, patient, and explains things clearly. His rates are also extremely reasonable.

As above, details are silvanobozza1@gmail.com and 07702615834
I've passed my test after four lessons with Nicholas Driving Academy :[www.nicholasdrivingacademy.co.uk] very professional and friendly guy. Thanks so much Nicholas for clear and helpful explanation how to drive in the uk.
If you are nervous - def go with Michael dulwich driving school 07956477626.
I used this forum to find a driving instructor for my husband and ended up going with Silvano (Silvano Bozza ([email protected], 07702 615 834)because he came highly recommended. My husband was really impressed with him and has asked me to post the following:

Silvano is excellent - I cannot recommend him highly enough. I finally learned to drive at 33 years old to make life easier with two young children. He seemed dedicated not only to helping me pass my test but to ensuring that I learned to drive safely and to a very high standard. As a result I passed first time with only one minor fault. His rates were very reasonable and excellent value for money considering the quality of instruction. He was also very flexible, accommodating lessons around my work and family commitments. And, he is a lovely guy so a real pleasure to learn with.
Maybe you just haven’t found the perfect driving instructors in east London for you. I suggest that you should stop being so afraid and nervous now so that you can go and learn how to drive.

Driving Instructors In East London
Another recommendation for Silvano - he just got me back on the road after 13 years of no driving!
How much is the cheapest driving lessons
I did the introductory block of lessons with Walkers4u, 5 lessons for £95 plus the rest of their price list here. This seems about the standard rate for lessons
Another recommendation for Silvano ([email protected], 07702 615 834). I passed first time last week and was pretty nervous about learning to drive initially. Silvano is great as he's always calm and composed (even when you're not!) and very patient and encouraging. He also teaches you to be safe rather than just focusing on getting you through your test.
I passed my test today first time at West Wickham. Nicholas was on the ball and he knows his stuff. Highly recommended!

This is his number if any of you need it 07956221706

Passed my test today first time after learning with Nick. Very good instructor, relaxed and patient. he has brought my driving up to a very good standard. Lovely to chat to and very trust worthy.

Thanks Nick!

I have been having refresher driving lessons with Nick from www.nicholasdrivingacademy.co.uk after seeing the recommendation on this thread, and it's been really worthwhile. I hadn't driven much since passing my test and was nervous about driving in London with the added stress of my kids screeching in the back. Nick is happy to do the lessons in your own car if you've already passed your test, which I don't think any of the big driving schools do. He also knows the area really well so has been able to tailor the lessons for me, getting me comfortable with all the routes I need to do, showing me shortcuts, easy places to park etc. Nick has a really nice relaxed manner, I'd definitely recommend him for anyone who needs to get their driving confidence back.
I also wanted to add a recommendation for Nick. I had refresher lessons with him four years ago, having not driven much since my test and needing to brush up. That got me pootling around London pretty happily. I had a refresher lesson on motorway driving with him today and finally conquered my fear of 3 lane highways full of lorries - no small feat! He is very encouraging, patient, knowledgeable and hugely experienced and a pleasure to chat with - it was surprisingly fun. He was also happy to take me out in my own car, which was great. Just what I needed - wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to brush up skills and boost their driving confidence.

Think the contact details are up the chain here, but anyway its www.nicholasdrivingacademy.co.uk, ph 07956 221706.

Shake up of the Driving Test 2017

Driving test shake-up introduces sat nav into exam
Learners will now have to follow instructions from a satellite navigation system for up to 20 minutes during their test.


And this Below
The new driving test explained: The changes learners need to know about

Yes that's right from 4th Dec 17.

The main changes to the test are:
• Independent driving part will increase to 20min.
• most candidates will be asked to follow directions from a sat nav
•the reversing manoeuvres will be changed
•answering a vehicle safety question while you're driving

Nicholas Driving Academy SE22
If you want to learn automatic, I'd highly recommend Tunde Racz, who you can contact through the Lanes Driving school. She has just the right balance between being chatty and making you feel comfortable while at the same time giving excellent, thorough and constructive feedback. She is also a mum with 2 kids so is very patient!
I would add my recommendations to the above for Nick's Driving Academy. I just passed after a long gap (20 years!) between learning. He is really encouraging and helped build my confidence and I learnt loads about how to drive in London. I ended up passing with only one minor fault -- mainly because I was so calm during the test. Highly recommended as instructor.
Another recommendation for Silvano Bozza. I just passed my driving test yesterday. Actually, it was a re-test after losing my license about 15 years ago. I have the concentration span of a goldfish and little spatial awareness, so I doubt I was the easiest to teach, but I only got four faults. That was largely due to Silvano's patience.

He's extremely calm and a lovely bloke, and I honestly feel I'm a better driver now than when I first passed, due to him.

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