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Excellent plumber-Jon Jacques

Hi there,

We just wanted to put a recommendation forward for Jon Jaques- 07590 316924. An incredibly thorough, professional and quotes very competitively. We have used him twice now... The first time, compared to two other plumbers, Jon really worked to understand what the plumbing problem was by removing the floor boards- before even quoting. The other two plumbers we had asked to quote for the job, wouldn't even remove the floor boards and said it would cost just to remove them.

Today Jon has been over as we have had a leaky pipe. Again Jon came the next day and easily fixed the problem straight away.

Many thanks,


I would also like to recommend Jon. He came round and mended and cleaned my guttering.

He's very punctual, reliable and did a great job for a reasonable price. I would definitely use Jon again.

I second that. Jon Jacques plumber is great. Prompt, thorough and fast working. T: 07590 316924
: )
Third that from me! Jon responded very quickly despite the short notice. He worked really hard to resolve the problem causing our leakage. Very impressed with his work, would definitely use again and highly recommend.
I just wanted to recommend Jon he just came over this morning for an emergency leak and fixed it straight away!
Yes, Jon's really competent! I had an emergency leak in my bathroom and he responded to me so quickly! Very efficient! Such a nice guy too! I would highly recommend him!
Has anyone got a postal address for Jon Jaques' business? I am sadly in the middle of a dispute with him on some work he undertook, and more fool me I never got his postal address as he insisted on being paid in cash and he's refusing to tell me what his address is. All rather distressing as he's gone absent without leave basically. If Jon happens to read this, please do get in touch.

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