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Brilliant local personal trainer --a recommendation

David Wilson has been working on helping my fitness and muscle strength for the last 2 months and I am currently beginning to notice a real improvement. Before having individual sessions, I attended some group sessions that David led, and they were also very helpful. But I find the one to one sessions better at focusing on my particular needs. He is a GREAT encourager and his positive feedback really spurs me on. He did a very thorough initial assessment, and clearly is able to tailor his exercise programme to the needs of myself as an individual. His manner is easy and respectful and I feel confident following his instructions. These sessions are fun and enjoyable and I can highly recommend him as a personal trainer.
He can be contacted on his e-mail dwkingdomhealth@gmail.com
and more testimonies are on the website www.fitfunactive.co.uk
and his contact phone number is 07886819934
Dr Valerie Rowe FRCP MRCGP
Personal fitness has never been one of my high priorities. Unfortunately, this means it tends to come in small bursts and have a short shelf life. David has not only taught me easy-to-learn skills, but he has raised my awareness of fitness and helped me see a better picture of what I can and should become physically. I am feeling progressively more motivated and eager to see the changes that need to take place. I am so grateful for his motivation and encouragement.
I recommend David to anybody seeking professional guidance towards their health related goals. David is committed to using his knowledge and skills to help create change. His holistic, educational approach to health & fitness helps him arm clients with the tools that enable them to tackle saboteurs head on. He is a trainer with a natural ability to motivate you to go the extra mile to achieve your exercise and health related goals. David is known for his calm, likeable personality and infectious enthusiasm and passionate approach to exercise and well-being. In his training sessions he utilises an array of equipment and training methods ensuring that all sessions are fun, challenging and work towards achieving your exercise goals. Check him out, he's great!
To all my clients of 2016 well done in all your hard work and fitness achievements. Thank you for your kind words. Looking forward to helping others to also achieve their fitness goals in 2017.

For personal training you can contact David Wilson on T:07886819934

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I'm a local mobile personal trainer living in West Dulwich
I can only agree with what has already been said - I've been working with David since January and find his manner and approach perfect for me. He's got a lovely calm style, encouraging without being shouty, motivating while setting realistic expectations. He also mixes up the sessions so I don't get bored and even brought workout music to distract me. I'd definitely recommend him...

I've started training with David because I suffer from a bad fibromyalgia and anxiety disorder. My goal is not to lose weight, although in only 20 days without a strict diet I have already lost 2.5 kg. My goal is to get healthy and tone up a bit, but the weight and fat loss were also welcomed!! In only 10 sessions my fibromyalgia has never been better and my anxiety levels have dropped considerable too. I don't have chest pains as often as before because my heart is also getting stronger. David changes the sessions every time, working with my capacities and age -I'm a 45 yrs old woman with sedentary life- combining weights, cardio and high interval exercises without allowing me to exert myself. This makes the workout fun and challenging but within my limits. Every week I'm feeling stronger. I don't get out of breath now or have chest pains when going up the stairs to catch the train. We exercise outdoors in the park which is also equally rewording and he even sends me encouraging videos or nutritional tips during the week. I can't recommend it enough!
David is proving an effective personal trainer for me. Both encouraging and demanding at the same time. David is full of knowledge and flexible in his ways, adapting his sessions to meet my specific goals. He's hot on technique and what's proving valuable is his willingness to create routines for when I am travelling. We do a mixture of strength (core) and cardiovascular.

James M

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