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Breads, cakes, biscuits.... samples for feedbacks

Hi everyone,

I'm starting a new business, homemade breads, cakes, buns, biscuits.... All handmade, homemade, based in East Dulwich.
I'd like to offer some free food samplings in return for feedback or recommendations.
For more info, just get in touch via pm or drop me a line: milasmadeathome@gmail.com

Thank you

pics of rye sourdough&potato bread, brioche and buns

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kugelhopf, rye sourdough bread and walnut&carrot kugelhopf

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biscuits pics

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savoury biscuits/ crackers
Have some samples ready, can deliver today.email me your address: milasmadeathome@gmail.com
Tasted some samples from Mila yesterday and they were excellent, particularly the rye sourdough and crackers. Good luck to this local business.
More samples ready, sourdough and potato bread and variety of sweet biscuits. Email me with your address and I can deliver tomorrow.

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Just wanted to say I tasted a sample of the sourdough bread that Mila baked and it was absolutely delicious. It tasted really fresh and had a whole load of healthy ingredients. Would highly recommend it, I will definitely be buying some bread from Mila.

The hubby and I were lucky enough to try some of Mila's goods as her husband was doing some work at our house and asked her to bring some round to try, we were very happy guinea pigs!

The sourdough had a really good flavour to it, was nicely crispy on the outside, fresh, not dry.

The vanilla biscuits with chocolate coating were, light, crunchy, nicely sweet and tasted of vanilla but not too much so, the dark chocolate cut through the sweetness wonderfully.

The crackers were crisp, crunchy, light, would be delicious with cheese.a good savoury biscuit, more flavoursome than other ones out there.

I am certainly going to be contacting Mila for my next fix.

I understand that this is a new business, so Mila is looking for outlets/avenues to sell her produce. If anyone has any suggestions/links to any businesses I am sure she would love to hear about them. I understand she is already exploring North Cross Road market but in true council fashion, progress is slow!

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I have also tried Mila's sourdough bread and it was delicious! The texture was light and fluffy and did not have the strong 'tang' of some sourdough breads. Mila added caraway seeds to her dough and this gave it a lovely flavour. I would definitely recommend Mila's bread.

Good luck with your new business Mila - I hope you do well.
Mila's bread was lovely, and I really liked the seeds in it, good flavour and nice texture. The crackers also had a lovely flavour and were really nice alone and with some chutney, they were just slightly crunchy for me!
Thank you everyone for posting your feedbacks here. All greatly appreciated.

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Still offering samples of breads, biscuits, cakes, crackers....

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